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The British drew the map of the world the number of Internet domains

Британцы составили карту мира по количеству интернет-доменов

UK company Nominet has made a map of the world in which the country is dependent on the number registered in the national domain zone names. It is reported by the Motherboard.

The largest feature on the map was the island of Tokelau, administered by New Zealand. In the national domain of Tokelau .tk has registered more than 31 million domain names. The popularity of this small territory with a population of only 1,400 people due to the specific conditions of registration: in the zone .tk this procedure can be absolutely free.

The second country by the number of national domain names has become China. In the zone .cn there are nearly 17 million addresses. Third in size on blast-the map of the world was Germany, she was the largest European state. In the zone .de registered over 16 million names.

Russia on the map from Nominet, the company looks considerably smaller than their real size. In the zone .ru registered a little more than five million names. However, when mapping was not taken into account the address information registered in the Cyrillic area .the Russian Federation, and there are about 860 thousand. In addition, on this map in Russia there is no Crimea.

Almost lost in the domain world map Africa, because only 15 percent of the continent’s population have regular access to the Internet. Significantly decreased in size also some middle Eastern and Asian countries. But significantly increased many small European States, including Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

At the end of 2015 mathematical physics Vahagn Gurzadyan from National scientific laboratory named Artem Alikhanian in Yerevan and Roger Penrose of Oxford University presented a map of potential habitat of sverzellati that existed in the Universe before the Big Bang.

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