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The Austrian designer made chairs from an AK-47

Австрийский дизайнер сделал стулья из АК-47

Austrian designer Rainer Weber (Rainer Weber) has released a collection of chairs created from Kalashnikovs. According to Luxurylaunches, the creation of furniture was inspired by the book about the Russian armourer.

Австрийский дизайнер сделал стулья из АК-47

Photo: Rainer Weber


The weapons were disassembled for parts and then the parts were welded to the frame. The handles of the machines covered in black lacquer and wooden parts (forend and butt) treated with wood preservative. The upholstery for the chairs was made by the masters of the Viennese Studio Backhousen fabric, hand-made in Venice by masters of the company Luigi Bevilacqua. The original bandolier with bullets from AK-47 turned into an element of decor. As a bonus, when you order the helmet offers the Armed forces of Russia with chrome. Price chairs are not reported.

The Kalashnikov (AK-47) was adopted by the Soviet army in 1949. Small arms of the family of Kalashnikov received the widest distribution in the world in the early XXI century in 55 countries, there were about 100 million of these weapons. The design was developed by Soviet engineer and gunsmith by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947.

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