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The anarchic state that had existed in reality. Photo

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. ФотоThey were short-lived.

Saying that anarchy – mother of order, attributed to the theorist of the revolution and of anarchism, Pierre Joseph Proudhon. Although anarchy has long been considered an ideological system, which is impossible to implement, throughout history people are always trying to build the anarchist community. After all, the tenets of anarchism is so attractive: people can live and develop only in a system that is not based on state power. In our review we will focus on people’s attempts to build an anarchist society.

1. Revolutionary Catalonia

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. Фото

The result of the Spanish revolution in July 1936, when the Nazis tried to gain control over Spain, the anarchist party in Catalonia, called CNT-FAI or the Federation of anarchists of Iberia (the far-right wing of the National Confederation of labour) led a popular uprising by organizing militias against the Nationalist forces.

Overall, the strength of these militias consisted of 18 000 employees (including George Orwell who fought for the Catalans). They were able to defeat the nationalist forces and to achieve the independence of Catalonia. Although the organization subsequently subjected to criticism for joining the national government, it has done much to increase the chances of winning the war against the dictatorship in Spain.

CNT-FAI also managed to achieve a series of reforms, namely, the collectivization of land and resources. The government has also been able to encourage voluntary collectivization. Plants were “seized and controlled by committees of elected workers”. In the end, an anarchic government collapsed in 1938.

2. The Paris commune

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. Фото

The Paris Commune occurred in 1871, in response to the Franco-Prussian war and is often considered the first example of the seizure of power by the working class. The national guard of Paris, which was cut off from the army, supported by the citizens, and was held free elections to determine who will rule the city. The municipality has implemented some anarchist politics, such as the transformation of enterprises into worker cooperatives. May 8, the French government finally defeated the commune and rebuilt his power over the city.

3. Free territory

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. Фото

From 1918 to 1921, free territory was an anarchist state created in Ukraine by Nestor Makhno. Freestyle area is considered to be one of the few States based solely on anarchist ideology, which clearly corresponds to his flag, on which was written “Death to all who stands in the way of gaining freedom.”

With an army of 100,000 Makhno seized the South-Eastern part of Ukraine, inhabited by 7 million people. His anarchist society was structured through the creation of a workers ‘and peasants’ Councils, whose members voted on important issues. Makhno also opposed centralized government of any kind. In the end, the Red Army invaded the Free territory and were able to defeat the army of Makhno in 1921

4. Christiania

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. Фото

Established in 1971, Christiania is one of the few anarchist communities that actively to this day. It is also noteworthy that it managed to remain Autonomous for more than 40 years. The city was founded by settlers-hippies in Copenhagen, Denmark in an abandoned military barracks. Soon, hippies declared Christiania free city, whose residents are not required to pay taxes and can openly sell and buy marijuana.

The community banned private property (for example, residents can’t own private cars). At the same time in an anarchist community, there are a number of laws designed to eliminate violence and crime. In 2012, the government agreed to sell the community occupied her land.

5. The Commune Of Twin Oaks

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. Фото

In 1967 a small group of communitarists decided to build a society based on values of egalitarianism and environmental sustainability. Based on 160 acres of acres of land in the Virginia community living through gardening and agriculture, and the production of hammocks, which then goes on sale. All bikes, cars, computers, and recreational facilities acquired by the community, do not belong to anyone in particular, but the entire community and available for use.

6. Municipality Strandja

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. Фото

Municipality Strandja in Bulgaria was the anarchist society, which was declared on 18 August 1903 Mikhail Gerdjikov, the commander of the Internal Macedonian-Odrinska Revolutionary Organization. Gerdjikov army, which numbered only 2,000 people, managed to establish a provisional government in Strandja mountain after a confrontation with the Turkish opposition, numbering 10,500 soldiers.

In the commune, was established communitarian system where resources are distributed equitably in accordance with need. Short-lived commune was defeated by the Ottoman troops only one month later, on 8 September 1903.

7. Autonomous region Shinmin

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. Фото

In 1924, the Korean Communist anarchist Federation (KACF) has started to promote the active creation of anarchist unions and the development of anti-imperialist sentiment in China. Five years later, KACF declared the province independent Xinmin from China and immediately tried to create a decentralized form of control within this area. Like other anarchist societies, KACF has established a free Association of local councils in regions, districts and villages. Although these tips are made independently of decisions regarding their territories, they cooperated with each other on important issues, such as agriculture, Finance and education. However, due to the attempts of Imperial Japan to conquer the region, the autonomy of the region was abolished in 1931.

8. Syrian Kurdistan

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. Фото

Although not technically an anarchist society, the Syrian Kurdistan (aka Federation of Northern Syria) is the de facto Autonomous zone, which has the right to self-government, regardless of the official Syrian government. Although the official political system of Syrian Kurdistan, which declared autonomy in November 2013, described as libertarian socialism, the state is also under the influence of anarchist principles.

Syrian Kurdistan has inherited their ideals from the Vermont philosopher Buccina Murray, who argued that, ideally, national government should take the form of a “libertarian of municipalism”. In fact, it denotes a gathering of people who vote, if necessary, resolve any problems at the local level.

9. Some

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. Фото

Extending from Vietnamese mountainous terrain to the Tibetan plateau in Afghanistan, Zomia is a geographical region with a population of 100 million people, whose name was coined by the Dutch Explorer Willem van Andelem in 2002. Some is viewed by some analysts as an example of the rejection of the modern state and current anarchist societies. In this region of the world States such as China and Vietnam, do not have control over these “hard to reach” areas, as a result, they are largely self-governed.

10. Bir Tawil

Анархические государства, существовавшие на самом деле. Фото

Although technically not a state, and not society, bir Tawil is one of the few areas of the world, which does not claim any one state. Therefore, it is aprinderea anyone territory, without laws and without government. This anomaly happened when the British signed an agreement with the Egyptians that the new British colony of Sudan will have a border with Egypt along the 22nd parallel. Thus, in 1902, Britain had a new “administrative boundary,” under which the bir Tawil (an area of 2060 km2), remained disputed territory. Perhaps this place would be ideal for anarchists who might try to implement their ideas without having to provoke the legitimate government.
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