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The American President told about the real concept of power

Американский президент рассказал о понятии реальной силы

U.S. President Barack Obama in an interview with the Atlantic spoke about the concept of true power, commenting on the actions of Russia in world politics. In particular, the American leader touched on the theme of conflict in South-Eastern Ukraine and Moscow in air anti-terrorist operations in Syria.

“Real strength is that you can get what you want without resorting to violence. Russia looked much more powerful when Ukraine looked like an independent country, but in fact was a kleptocracy, where it was possible to pull strings,” explained Obama.

According to the American President that Ukraine as a country that is not part of NATO, will always be vulnerable to the military force from Moscow, regardless of that United States. While Kiev, according to the White house, is among the main interests of Russia, but not USA.

In addition, Obama accused those who claim a stronger position in Moscow after the beginning of fighting in Southeast Ukraine and the start of the military operation of Russia in Syria, “a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of power” in international politics and in the world.

Washington and Kiev from the very beginning of the Ukrainian conflict accuse Russia of a military intervention and annexation of Crimea, the Kremlin deny these allegations. In the military doctrine of Ukraine, approved by President Petro Poroshenko in 2015, Russia is aggressor country.

In Syria, Moscow is acting at the request of the official Damascus, which the President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent his Syrian counterpart Bashar al-Assad. From 30 September, the Russian military has begun in the Arab Republic air operation against operating in the country of terrorist groups, including the banned in Russia “Islamic state”. The US is also fighting against the extremists, leading an international coalition of more than 60 countries. By joint actions of Russia and the U.S. managed to negotiate a Treaty, establishing in Syria a ceasefire. The truce is in effect from 27 February.

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