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The allergist told me how dangerous is atopic dermatitis in children

Аллерголог рассказал, чем опасен атопический дерматит у детей In adults, inflammation of the skin often occurs because of emotional tension and stress.

Skin inflammation — dermatitis — a very unpleasant disease. Person concerned about redness and skin rashes, itching, blisters. To remove disturbing symptoms, some people take anti-allergic medication.

— It is impossible to treat dermatitis on your own, ” explains allergist, senior researcher of the Institute of Phthisiology and pulmonology named after F. G. Yanovsky candidate of medical Sciences Larisa Yaroshchuk. — Because he is of different types — atopic, allergic contact, and each requires “their” treatment, which must appoint a physician. The most common atopic dermatitis. Atopy is a hereditary tendency to Allergy.

— It turns out that the tendency to atopic dermatitis is passed on from relatives?

Yes. In the body, some people have genes that lead to elevated levels of IgE marker allergies. If a disease affects someone of your relatives in the first generation — mom or dad, grandparents, the gene will inherit the children and grandchildren. But if the predisposition is implemented depends on the environment, lifestyle. The gene can be “silent” and can start working — and then are allergic. Atopic dermatitis is a true Allergy in its origin involves the immune system. A person who suffers from atopic dermatitis, necessarily increases the level of immunoglobulin E.

— The disease is in adults?

Often atopic skin lesions, which suffered a child, in adulthood develops into atopic dermatitis. The disease manifests itself in insolvency of the immune system, but start her development as potential allergens, and stress the nervous system — excessive emotions, feelings and stress affect the skin. In General, it is believed that atopic dermatitis often affects children, mostly younger and school age. As a rule, over time it passes, but sometimes atopic March — progression of allergic manifestations. Baby atopic eczema occurs in adolescence joins allergic rhinitis, and then may occur and bronchial asthma.

— How to treat atopic dermatitis?

— Treatment is long and complex. It is important to take antihistamines, use ointments that your doctor will recommend. You should also review the diet, the use of detergents and cosmetics, medicine, to perform household habits. It is important to tune in to positive emotions, to fully sleep, to organize the day, taking the time to rest, so as not to overtax the nervous system. It is also desirable to normalize the gastrointestinal tract, balance hormones — this will strengthen the immune system. Skin contact dermatitis needs proper care. It is usually dry, so it’s important to soften and moisturize it means that your doctor will recommend.

— Why there is an allergic dermatitis?

— This disease often develops as pseudoallergy. Skin lesions — redness, rashes, itching — is not due to a breach in the immune system, and cause problems, such as the gastrointestinal tract. A poorly working liver or bowel, and the body is self-poisoning, which provokes an allergic reaction. There is also a contact dermatitis, which, as a reaction to the sun — photodermatitis, also refers to pseudoallergy. Skin irritation may occur due to medications or cosmetics, clothing, contact with varnishes and paints. The kids often contact dermatitis provoked diapers. One of my little patients had the most severe Allergy symptoms in the buttocks, but when mom began to use the diapers from another manufacturer, the skin was cleansed. And recently had to treat a patient with eczema of the navel appeared from behind the belt buckle.

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