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That’s what Moscow is definitely better Petersburg

Weekend ride to visit her sister in Moscow. Haven’t seen her nephew, and there was a couple absolutely free from all the worries of the day and I decided to visit Whitestone. Without thinking, picked up the tickets after work and by one o’clock on Saturday landed in the capital. Sister was delighted, nephew was also delighted, although it was obvious that he remembers I was already vaguely.

Вот чем Москва точно лучше Петербурга

In General, a conversation with my sister about children, it is, of course, I rebuked that I have not brought… So, as always touched on the topic of kindergartens. We are in St. Petersburg in his private kindergarten gave 25 thousand money in the month to give is better than to drive a child to hell in the middle of nowhere, I think. Sister in this respect more fortunate: first, managed for not very large money to push their child in the queue to kindergarten in a neighboring yard, and secondly, as it turned out, in Moscow, in municipal kindergartens abolished the idiotic system where the children were fed a huge lunch right after the sleep, and now introduced a five-power system. Unfortunately, in Peter such is not present, and therefore have to pay money to private owners, which is a pity.

As for me, a system in which the child has dinner and gets much better as parents have westministe a little longer at work, or not to flee home before the child in some sports to take. By the way, there is still power entirely from the city budget is funded, which is very nice. My sister and her husband happy, although told about some geeks trying to launch a wave of protests, they say, they are children before pick up, so leave a great afternoon snack… must Admit I never understood how people have enough in such a situation, the nerve to demand something like that. Because the measure was designed for the middle class and those whose standard of living does not allow you to leave work at 4-5 PM.

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