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Syrian Kurds Turkey has threatened a “big war” with Russia

Сирийские курды пригрозили Турции "большой войной" с РФ

Russia has promised to protect Kurdish militias in Syria in case of invasion of Turkey, so this step of Ankara might lead to the “great war”. This was stated in an interview with Bloomberg, the head of mission of the Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow Rodi Osman.

“Russia will respond to the invasion. This applies not only to the Kurds, it will protect the territorial integrity of Syria,” said Othman.

Head of the representative office also reported that the aerospace forces support the Kurdish militias, leading the offensive in Northern Syria in the province of Aleppo to the Turkish border. He noted that the attack would have developed faster without opposition on the part of Turkey.

In turn, the representative of the Syrian opposition in Moscow, Kadri Jamil (Jamil Qadri) reported that apart from air support Moscow is supplying ammunition to Syrian Kurds, and Syrian army fighting against were banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” in coordination with the Kurdish militias.

Since mid-February the Turkish heavy artillery strikes on areas inhabited by Syrian Kurds in the Northern province of Aleppo and the positions of the Syrian army. USA 14 February urged Turkey to show restraint and stop the shelling of the Kurds in Syria, however, Ankara refused to make concessions.

Turkey considers the Syrian Kurdish party “Democratic Union” (PYD) unit of the Kurdistan workers party (PKK), which Ankara considers a terrorist organization. Prime Minister Ahmet davutoğlu accused the PYD of war crimes, as well as in cooperation with Moscow and the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, the early retirement of which is Turkey. Washington relies on Kurdish forces in the fight against ISIS and does not consider the PYD a terrorist organization, but it cooperates with Turkey.

From 30 September 2015, Russian aircraft at the request of the President of Syria is involved in anti-terrorist operations on the territory of this country.

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