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“Syamozero”. Complain all

"Сямозеро". Жалуются все

Children in the “Syamozero” is often almost sleep under the open sky. Some are already sick with pneumonia. They complain to anyone who only can cry and ask to go home. And the head usolskogo rural settlement Andrey Orekhanov on the territory of the camp was not even allowed. He promised to return with officials and security forces.

Children in the “Syamozero” is often almost sleep under the open sky. Some are already sick with pneumonia. They complain to anyone who only can cry and ask to go home. And the head usolskogo rural settlement Andrey Orekhanov on the territory of the camp was not even allowed. He promised to return with officials and security forces.

Complain all

At the next safety Commission at district administration discussed a complaint received in EDDS: children from Moscow and Petrozavodsk calling their parents, complain of ill treatment, and asked to take them home. Complained and the inhabitants of the village syargilakhta settlement – that the Park hotel had illegally occupied and fenced area the local beach, there is a construction site and does not allow for beach locals. The fence around the camp is under tension, but there is a gate which is locked at… the wire. Undoubtedly, this is the best protection against the unauthorized departure of children. In addition, the dissatisfaction expressed and sellers of the settlement of Essoila – to them in pairs-threes children coming in and need to sell them cigarettes and alcohol. The problem obviously needs immediate solution.

Chapter usolskogo rural settlement Andrey Orekhanov not even allowed on the camp, explaining that “he has no right to visit the facility for medical reasons”. After that, the head of the settlement warned the coordinator of the camp that in relation to complaints will be invited to a special Commission.

Every year in the Park-hotel is going on a solid mess, – shared with us the head of the settlement. – It is impossible to watch, and the administration of our settlement together with the district administration invited the Commission which structure included representatives of Federal service, the FSB, police, ministries of health and education, as well as the Karelian Union of protection of children.

"Сямозеро". Жалуются все

Cold and hunger

– Going to the camp, I was a bit shocked: in addition to civilized buildings (the building of the former pioneer camp), there was a lonely ragged tents, – continues Andrey Oregano. – Inside linen raw and some tents bedding generally absent. Also there are tents of large size, with seven bunk beds. Many beds had no mattresses, no pillows, and the kids could have slept literally on the bare metal gratings. Knowing who I am, the children told what’s going on in the camp, some began to cry and asked to pick them out and send home. Said they were hungry, wet and cold. Many, after spending a few nights in a cold tent half-baked, badly cold. I was also shown movies from your phone, which shows how the counselors treat the children with foul language, threaten, swear…

Children work interns, and nurse comes to the examination of children once a week. This “rest” could easily result in a tragedy. As told one of the news Internet resources of Karelia Petrozavodsk resident, her daughter had been in camp only three days of the 21 scheduled. Immediately after the arrival of the unprepared children are sent to two-day trip that included a rafting and a night in the woods. The guys slept in wet tents, wet sleeping bags. Girls 12-13 years old forced to cook on a fire and wash boilers, counselors at this time slept in tents. During the rafting, the instructor yelled at the kids: “Row…” and smoked right in the raft and in camp forced the girls to open cans.

"Сямозеро". Жалуются все

Photo: elaigu.ru

In the pursuit of profit

…The Commission was invited by the camp Director Elena Reshetova. But she never showed, and her phone was disconnected. Surprisingly, and representatives of numerous services to miss the camp, too, at first did not want, stating that on verification, they had to notify three days. The Commission was a doctor. When children have a medical examination, it was found that six must be immediately hospitalized – they have developed tonsillitis and pneumonia. A feature of the camp is that there is a rest and children from orphanages, in particular, from Moscow. And such children need special control. But, as we can see, any control is not at all. “Syamozero” rested 13 of these children, five were taken to Moscow, and the fate of the remaining is unknown, as not found by their legal representatives. The contract with the Moscow orphanage concluded before the end of the summer, but most likely it will be terminated.

One of the guys dissatisfied with the living conditions in the camp were put on a bus, promising a three-day cruise liner. In fact, they were taken to Petrozavodsk, where sent to a camp on the island, the name of which was not even informed. The three girls Muscovites managed to escape when the bus made a brief stop in Petrozavodsk. At the time of writing they were a few days in the detention center “Hope”, and the camp administration to come behind them in no hurry.

– All things raw, a terrible mess everywhere, everywhere scattered cigarette butts and packs of cigarettes. To take sick children only with the consent of the guardians, but the connection with them. Can I call it a children’s camp? – said Andrei Oregano. Twelfth squad was in the camp for more than two weeks, and all this time the children were either Hiking or in tents on the shore of the lake. Never children were not allowed to spend the night in a stone building. Although the conditions of the permit, the children had to live in the building. As explained by the management of the Park hotel, in the camp circular system of stay – children alternately live in the camp, in tents. But in fact it is not. The camp is full, and to keep up with the profit, unscrupulous owners, obviously knowing that in the bedrooms no longer continue to sell tickets. And the employee who didn’t introduce himself and resented the fact that we came to disturb their work, tearing up the event. The management threatened to sue us in court.

But the court faces, and the leadership of the camp in connection with what is happening here petrozavodska who took his daughter, three days after the start of the shift, issued statements to the court and to the Republican Prosecutor’s office. Note that parents who take their children, it is necessary to terminate the contract himself, so the amount for the ticket (over 28 thousand) is not refundable.

The Commission came to the conclusion that the preparation and holding of the events in the camp’s disgusting. All of this happened to this Republican ministries. The change, which we are told ended July 15. But in spite of that, the camp is likely to continue to take children

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