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Support of machine-tool and other “tails”

Поддержка станкостроения и другие «хвосты»

1. The government has decided to double the support of domestic machine tool industry. If in 2015 for these purposes have allocated 1.5 billion rubles, in 2016 already allocate 2.7 billion will Remind, now the machines engaged in “rosteh”, and experience shows that “rosteh” quite successfully able to display strategic industries of strategic dead ends:


By the way, many of our manufacturers are small machines — I’m not going to point fingers, who have power both in China and in Russia. And if a couple of years ago there was something profitable to produce with us, but something in Asia, now in Russia it is profitable to produce.

This means that our producers need now to expand production from scratch — it’s hard — but just to move it from China and other countries to Russia. I guess right now many people do.

2. During the research at the Large hadron Collider British scientists discovered homophobes:


Insidious physicists were caught at the time of the vandalism. So, one of the perpetrators wrote on the poster local gay club, the word “pig”.

3. Posted a review of the new Russian processor “Baikal-T1”:


Anticipating questions, I don’t know why the name is given in Latin. I would call in Russian, and even if some international formalities go somewhere Latin, on legal documents I would think Latin was not allowed.

Let me remind you also that Russia is now quite a lot of different processors, we are one of leading processor powers the planet. Main products are listed here:


4. A little about the prices of medicine in the West. A tube of “Zovirax” has cost the canadian in… 95 dollars. This is ten times more expensive, than in Russia, we have “Zovirax” costs about $ 2-3. More curious, however, that the 95 dollars he paid for the insurance — the full cost of the tube was already 2500 dollars (1000 times more than in Russia):


Here explain how this is possible:


In short — the right medicine sells in USA and Canada only Valeant, and, as befits a decent monopolist, it sets the medication at the price that only allows it to enter the conscience.

Now you understand why many Americans think that they are not okay with medicine.

5. Entertaining video with an overview of accidents that await even the most careful of repair workers:

6. An interesting photo report from the workshop for manufacturing prostheses:


By the way, I asked the question. Do Russian analog of rehabilitation systems type L300 Foot Drop System from Bioness company?

7. Photos from big construction projects in the Perm region the company MCC “EuroChem” builds from scratch a modern mining and processing factory, usolskiy potash complex:


The first phase of the plant will earn next year, capacity will be 2.4 million tons of fertilizers per year, the factory will work about 3 thousand persons.

Why is it necessary? Our farmers obtain fertilizer for their fields:


8. “The patriot Handbook” there are three new articles about international relations:


Some hotheads believe that no international relations we do not need, you need to speak with foreigners not only as the language of missiles and tanks. However, in reality the EU is not only Parmesan with gay parades. Here is a partial list of projects that we conduct jointly with the Europeans:


By the way, we never knew what the U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry came to Moscow in his mysterious suitcase to our President. Well not dried the corpse of the alien, as some have proposed?

9. In the Ukraine, is sold now dozens of companies — and 3-10 times cheaper than they would be on sale a couple of years ago:


It seems that Ukrainian businessmen had lost faith in the bright European future.

10. Advertise their friends who are engaged in metal cabinets. By the way, from the outset, fundamentally to pay all taxes, although not rowing money with a shovel. Website:


The essence of the business – collect cabinets, racks and metal furniture other metal turnkey. This needs to medium and large enterprises for backup storage, production and, generally, everything that only can be stored in metal cabinets.

11. Regarding the ability of consumers to “vote with their feet” and to distinguish quality goods from low quality. Here is a typical example of the thinking mass market:


Recently witnessed a wonderful conversation between my mom (M) and her sister ©.

W: No, well you can imagine what things are doing poorly! I have the duvet cover in the machine put to wash, and he was completely spread!
M: And where did you get that duvet cover?
C: Yes mom another wedding gave.
M: What is dam? What wedding?
C: Yeah, our, our the wolf (her husband)!
M: So you got married in the 74th year! 42 years ago!
C: Ah, Yes.

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