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Students will talk about loans, pensions and taxes

Школьникам расскажут о кредитах, пенсиях и налогах

About loans, pensions and taxes are going to tell the Russian ninth-graders in science classes. Financial literacy will take 30% of the time classes. This was told by representatives of the Central Bank, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of education.

“In exemplary educational programs we have reflected the financial aspects of the future lives of children: the formation of family income, creation of system of insurance of financial risks for the family. Will Sokolnicheskaya about the different systems of retirement savings, about budgeting, about the concept of “borrowings” and the types of crediting”, – quotes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” first Deputy Minister of education and science of the Russian Federation Natalia Tretiak.

Additionally, the pilot program of financial literacy for schoolchildren started in 2015. In them have taken part about five thousand students, two hundred teachers and three thousand parents, reports IA “SeverInform”.

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