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Stealth tanks have in Russia

Танки-невидимки испытывают в России20 samples of new tanks “Armata” with unique properties have in Russia, about this “Russian news service” said the Deputy General Director of Corporation “Uralvagonzavod” for special equipment Vyacheslav Khalitov.

According to him, one of the main distinguishing properties of this technique is a unique four-level security system, in which the opponent is almost unable to detect it.

“We use GALS-technologies associated with machine protection a special coating, creating a reflective surface for various ranges it was impossible to determine what that object: as in radar, infrared, and optical ranges,” explained Khalitov.

In addition, the unique qualities of the new model gives the ability to eliminate approaching her shells on the fly. Is responsible for this so-called system of active Hardkill protection.

“With it we destroy the approaching ammunition in case the enemy discovered us and fired, for example, an anti-tank missile or some other projectile,” said the expert.

Thanks to the third level of protection an enemy shell can be destroyed, if it passes the first two. The task of the fourth protective layer is to ensure the safety of the crew and the equipment.

As explained by the representative of the management “Uralvagonzavod”, currently on ispytaniyah are model T-14 and T-15. It is planned that they will go into service in the Russian armed forces 2016-2017.

Khalitov stressed that countries in Europe are very concerned about the appearance in Russia of such powerful innovations, because the analogue of“Armata” in the West in the next 8-10 years to create will not succeed.

Photo: Russian Defense Ministry

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