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Stadler: What can you tell US, if Russia will install missiles in Mexico and Canada?

Штадлер: Что скажут США, если Россия установит ракеты в Мексике и Канаде?

  Former member of European Parliament Ewald Stadler has accused European authorities of ignoring the true interests of Europe in favor of the wishes of the United States of America.

First of all, you need to end with the dogma that European interests coincide with transatlantic interests, says Stadler.

“If we want to return to the principles of international law and the basics of international diplomacy, we need to accept that there are areas of interest and need to be respected. You cannot take part in international communication, ignoring or fighting someone else’s interests. Want to ask a rhetorical question: what will the United States, if Russia will enter into a partnership with Mexico or Canada and establish there the rockets will begin to conduct military efforts? How the US will react to it? And around the world that would treat with understanding”, – said the former MEP.

The Austrian struck by the fact that many ignore the interests and position of Russia.

“Why the world and Europe cannot understand the actions of Russia when the Baltic countries want to gain a foothold troops? More precisely, already established or trying to gain a foothold in the Caucasus. We must not lose sight of the justified interests of Russia in the security sphere. And it has become a principle of European policy. The principal interest of Europe is to maintain and ensure peace on the continent. Against this background, Europe’s interests contrary to what we have allowed, in violation of the promises we gave to Russia to prevent NATO enlargement to the East. It was a big mistake,” said Stadler.

Earlier the politician visited the Crimea, and he believed that no annexation, no military seizure of the Peninsula was the Crimean people sincerely and in the vast majority relieved to be back home.

“It was also a big mistake, ladies and gentlemen, it is pointless to second after the USA in Crimea. It’s simply not true that Crimea has returned home against the wishes of the population. I’ve been there myself and was an observer. I’ve rarely seen such glee in the population, as it was after the announcement of the results of the referendum. I can’t even recall such jubilation, when the reunification of Germany. Maybe the Russians can rejoice better than the Germans. This shows that the result there was unambiguous and it should be respected. And that this result is in line with the fundamental UN principles of self-determination of peoples,” said Stadler

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