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Spotify will once again try to start in Russia

European music service Spotify, based in Sweden, has once again started to show interest in Russia. Expect soon for its launch in our country is not worth it due to the fact that this issue was taken into consideration just a few days ago, but the probability of its occurrence we have now is still different from zero.

Officially the fact of opening Spotify in Russia is not confirmed, and the information received from the major music labels. It should be noted that Spotify had previously tried to start in Russia — the Saga lasts from the autumn of 2014, but the date of the beginning of works are constantly transferred, and in the end the process was suspended indefinitely. The reasons for Spotify not have appeared, classified, but it’s obviously not without the financial side of the question — rumored music service are not able to agree with the Russian operators that did not allow him to set a competitive price for the subscription fee. Will he be able to do it a second time, only time will tell, although it is unknown how long we will have to wait.

On the other hand, Spotify is not the centre of the universe, and his absence in our country unwound many similar services, including domestic. And torrents again, has not been canceled. We will add that in this year’s Spotify turns 10, so he’s not really in a hurry to begin its work in Russia.

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