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Soviet standards are returned

Man cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if not dined well.

Virginia Woolf

No wonder they say that food is the source of life; the only question is which source. Modern food Oh so far from a healing spring. Have you noticed that every year scientists louder and louder rang the bell, alerting humanity that modern food contains components that have a detrimental effect on the body. We, in turn, listen, horrified, but moving to the country and grow organic cucumbers-tomatoes in no hurry. But what to do? How to be? This, dear friends, we are with you today and talk.

Healthy generation – a healthy nation

And I’ll start with the good news. Our Ministry of economic development approved the strategy of the CPS, which are designed to improve the quality of the food in the country: “Strategies for improving the quality of food products by 2030”. The document included a number of complex measures to improve the quality of food, here are some of them:

Советские стандарты возвращаются

– The technical regulations will be introduced indicators of product quality.

– Obligatory will be the presence of shelf life of goods, or rather the explanation why the product fit exactly as much and no less.

– Integral will be the requirements of standards GOST and GOST R.

– Food additives will need to register with the government.

– Will be introduced labelling of food products: manufacturer, importer and seller.

“From now on, after successfully scanning your products, you will see paid for her duty. I am sure that there are interested in the non-implementation of e-marking. This happens due to the fact that a huge amount of goods moving from one territory to another is not fully taken into account”, — said the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

But most important, in my opinion, the item is a product return grades and graded by quality.

Do you remember?

Советские стандарты возвращаются

After all, in the Soviet Union and was. For example, tea of the first grade differed unsurpassed taste and aroma, but anything you drink and sticks to find. All clearly reflected in the price. And now what? In “Tape” sold by the loaf for thirteen rubles and the rest of the brown bread with cereals for seventy-four. So in the last at least three “eshki”.

At the time it complies with the GOST. For example, let’s take everyone’s favorite: ice cream. In the Union it is produced strictly according to GOST 117-41, the composition of the Goodies included: milk, cream, butter and sugar. All. What is happening now? Stabilizers, emulsifiers, coconut and palm oil, flavor enhancers, flavors. Except that the packaging has become more beautiful.

Советские стандарты возвращаются

And the sausage? Yes it is, anything except meat. But in the USSR one hundred pounds of sausage had twenty-five pounds of beef, thirty-pork, three pounds of eggs and two litres of cow’s milk. Got, she, of course, to fight. But try to imagine if in our time there was a shop affordable and high-quality, in the products, which queue? It is the same.

Советские стандарты возвращаются

By the way, milk, which people drank daily, a maximum of two days ago was grass, and on the third day in the fridge was sour at all. The juices were natural, of course, they used sugar, but no more. And the bread. You remember the bread that is to convey to the house was impossible, so he had the scent, and taste, of course. And what dumplings were, and what the pasties. Yes, obviously you need only read on a full stomach.

Now, though, the pursuit of profit has made the products, to put it mildly, disgusting. It would be good strategy of the CPS quickly became incarnate in life. And GOST will return, the food quality will have a positive impact on health.

A couple of words

Moreover, the Ministry of economic development announced the creation of a number of information systems that will track product quality throughout the food chain: the origin, the use of chemical additives or drugs, will be seen responsible for the product at each stage of production.

Another important point is how to revive food ingredients in Russia. Moreover, I think, import substitution, the rise of private agriculture and so on will have a positive impact on the health of citizens. Of course, all this will take time, but the terms are exposed, we can only wait.

Советские стандарты возвращаются


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