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Soldiers and otnosilsya

Soldiers and otnosilsya

Солдат и откосившие

“In an ambush, Kerry “ordered the boats to turn to the shore and attack the positions of Vietcong”, he “artfully directed” fire from the boats and coordinated the deployment of the South Vietnamese troops (as written in the premium writing, signed by Admiral Zumwalt). Coming up at shorter distance, the boat Kerry has come under fire from an RPG. As soon as the boat landed on the shore, a Viet Cong rocket launcher popped out from his hiding place and ran away. The shooter on the boat opened fire and wounded him in the leg. While the other boats approached and opened the barrage, Kerry leaped ashore, pursued and killed the Viet Cong, having already charged his rocket launcher. Commander John Kerry, Lieutenant-Colonel George Elliot in conversation with Douglas Brinkley in 2003, joked that he did not know what to do: whether to give sue Kerry for docking boats to the shore without orders or to award him the medal for saving the crew.”

John Forbes Kerry, sixty-eighth U.S. Secretary of State, three times awarded the Purple heart, knight of the Silver Star and Bronze stars, four wounded Lieutenant of the U.S. Navy. One of the shards still in his leg.
And otnosilsya.


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