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Skvortsova: more than 80% of important medicines produced in Russia

Скворцова: более 80% важных лекарств производятся в России

More than 80% of essential medicines are produced in Russia, 67% on a full cycle, said Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova at the meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

During the meeting, Putin recalled the programme on the development of domestic medical and pharmaceutical industry, noting that its implementation had been sent significant funds, reports TASS.

“How this program works? What are the results there?” – asked the President.

According to Skvortsova, the first stages of the programme mainly discussed the surface localization of production.

“It was a goal and their formulas have to develop on its own base, build the Foundation of the pharmaceuticals and medprominvest”, – Putin said the goal of the program.

“Now we are talking about polnoekrannom production and deep localization. Positive dynamics is obvious. – said Skvortsova. – I have reported You to the list of essential medicines, 23.5 thousand trade names 646 international patented items. If you take the whole range of trading drugs, 81% already in one form or another is produced in the territory of the Russian Federation, of them on a full cycle, mean and production of substance and change of substance, where some 67%. Still quite a large proportion of surface-localized”,

“The substances 67%, and was how much?” – asked Putin. “It was nothing, afraid of making a mistake, less than 10%. Significantly increased (domestic production)”, – said the Minister.

“In respect of affordability – in January-February the prices for essential medicines increased by 0.4%. Some to a greater extent increased by inexpensive, by up to 50 rubles per pack,” said Skvortsova.

“It’s mostly domestic drugs?” – asked Putin. Skvortsov replied in the affirmative. “Patriotic-why?” asked the President.

“If you remember the first months of last year, to 5.5%, i.e. ten times higher. Basically, if you again compare it with the market segment, there is increased significantly beyond. That is 0.4% and it is stable enough price that the consumer possibilities of the population has no effect”, – said the head of the Ministry of health.

“We very closely monitor product availability, because there were signals that the end of the year there were shortages of medicines because it is low-cost segment. To date, of cheap domestic drugs have the loss from the point of view of international proprietary names has not generally, the range is stable,” – said the Minister.

Thus, according to Skvortsova, 2.5% decreased the number of commercial forms.

“From the point of view of medical care is not only not critical, it does not reduce the quality of care, because quite a large number of analogues that can replace the missing drugs. If we talk about imported drugs, the drop more significantly, to 18% reduction and in product terms and in terms of prices”, – she said.

“Essentially we are talking about the redistribution of cheap drugs with a focus on domestic drugs. According to the marketing companies that we have specially ordered from firms, any reduction in the number of drugs not,” the Minister added.

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