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Simple ways to check your health without leaving home

Простые способы проверить здоровье не выходя из домаThese tests will allow you to quickly determine the condition of your body.

It only takes a couple of minutes. But it will help almost accurately determine the state of your body.

1. Check out the eyes.

Not very white whites, as a rule, the symptom of fatigue (or a hangover). But the white line around the iris can indicate high cholesterol. Look on the inside of the lower eyelids. Yellowish spots can be a sign of high cholesterol.

2. Count your moles.
Watch there be a new one. If a mole itches, grows, changes colour or has jagged edges, immediately consult a doctor.

3. Note the color of urine.

Urine should be pale (straw color). If she has a dark yellow color, then it may a symptom of dehydration. Began to drink more, the urine color does not change? Get tested.

4. Measure the length of the eyebrows.

Loss of eyebrow hair is often a sign of abnormalities of the thyroid gland.

5. Watch Lee swollen stomach.

The main causes of bloating are gaseous drinks and fast food. But if bloating or stomach pain trouble you constantly, you should consult a doctor to rule out ovarian cancer.

6. Check for a pulse.

To do this, climb the stairs up (walk 70 steps in 3 minutes). Then calculate the pulse. If it is greater than 100 and breathing is not restored in 10 minutes, it is necessary to pass the examination and, of course, start doing exercises!

7. Note the color of the skin.

Constantly rosy cheeks and a red nose (rosacea) can be caused by stress, the sun, spicy foods that promote vasodilatation. And pale and constantly cold rugi and feet – signs of poor blood circulation or vascular disease.

8. Calculate how many hours a day you spend sitting.

Studies show that sitting (at a computer, watching TV, driving) more than 11 hours a day substantially increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and leads to failure of metabolic processes in the body. Considered? Draw your own conclusions.

9. Pay attention to your nipples.

And look closely at the chest there are no seals, cones. As for nipples, it is important, they do not change their shape (always protruded and suddenly become depressed or Vice versa). Check if there is discharge from nipple (especially blood splashes).

10. Consider the nails.

If the nails become yellow, then it may be a sign of fungal infection. If they are very pale, you should check the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

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