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Scientists have named a new “cons” of the Internet and mobile phones

Ученые назвали новые "минусы" Интернета и мобильниковExperts have told how the Internet and cell phones affect people.

British scientists from Leicester University have warned that excessive use of the Internet and mobile phones contributes to the development of forgetfulness and poor concentration.

According to experts, these people often make mistakes and suffer from lapses of memory and have poor spatial awareness.

The study was reviewed by 107 men and 103 women, aged 18 to 65 years who on average spent about 23 hours online each week.

Participants reported that it is difficult to concentrate they suffer from forgetfulness, tend to lose the thread of the conversation and frequently bump into objects because of their negligence.

Scientists have discovered that the more time people spent online, the greater was the likelihood of cognitive failure.

According to experts, excessive use of the Internet diverts the resources of the body from mental functions that are necessary for completing simple tasks from day to day.

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