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Scientists have made progress in cancer treatment: a method of improving

Ученые добились прогресса в лечении рака: метод совершенствуется

Scientists have discovered that T-lymphocytes of the immune system, the functions of which include the recognition and destruction of foreign cells, able to find common to tumor antigens, even in the late stage of the disease. So scientists explain the recurrence of the disease in those patients for which analyses showed a complete cure. The developed system makes it possible to find in tumours weaknesses, and then to send to these places the immune system that destroys cancer. These mutations are recorded in the antigens that are found on the surface of cancer cells.

Now any patient in fact will be developed an extraordinary method of treatment. Then the tumor is irradiated with epithermal neutrons. According to experts, to overcome the tumor can human immunity if the right he in this to help. The point of therapy — in the study of each singular tumor, and to identify those parts that can “target” the immune system of the body. Thus, it will be possible to find their weaknesses.

Describing the results of their latest research, the scientists themselves say: “We recommend to remove the immune system with brakes, to give her into the hands of the wheel and push in the right direction.” The researchers then plan to increase their number in the laboratory and put back into the body.

Scientists rely heavily on the efficiency of the new approach in the fight against the rapidly mutating types of disease such as lung cancer, to which real time does not respond to treatment with most of the known methods.

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