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Scientists have explained why the Templars lived longer than other people

Ученые рассказали, почему тамплиеры жили дольше других людей

Knights Late Srednevekovja known for their longevity compared with other people who lived at the time, paid a lot of attention to their nutrition and lifestyle. This is stated in the study of the Italian spetsialistov, writes La Stampa.

In those years they could live to be 70 years, while life expectancy then was between 25 to 40 years.

According to scientists, this was caused by lifestyle, who led the knights.

First, they had a strict system of power. They should not eat meat more than three times a week, replacing it with fish, vegetables, herbs and legumes. They also consumed significantly less fatty foods, thus protecting themselves from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, tumors, etc.

Special attention was paid to the Templars hygiene and quality of products. They ate in designated areas to clean tables and had to wash their hands before eating. People engaged in manual labour, were forbidden to serve food.

Products to the table is also carefully screened.

The Templars did not eat poultry, and fish consumed as food, they bred themselves. As for wines, the members of the order, as appears from historical documents that he preferred palm wine, to which was added the pulp of hemp and aloe Vera. In addition, the Templars used citrus to flavor the water, its disinfection and enrichment of vitamin C and lycopene.

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