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Scientists: e-cigarettes lead to infertility

Ученые: электронные сигареты приводят к бесплодию

Even the air in Hong Kong is cleaner than the one ahead of substitute for real cigarettes

Advertising electronic cigarettes as something unobtrusive was able to convince heavy smokers that the harm from a substitute for real cigarettes not so great. Type beer with a low turnover of degrees. But Hong Kong scientists claim that the air over the roads in their home metropolis of Hong Kong was a million times cleaner on the composition and quantity of harmful compounds.

Researchers from Baptist University carried out an analysis of fluids produced for 13 popular types of electronic cigarettes. The result was a list of potential murders, hidden in a single drop. There was formaldehyde and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are strong carcinogens, Penta-bromodiphenyl esters, which reduce the rate of combustion of the components of the cigarette, which leads to anomalies in the development of the child in the womb, disruption of thyroid and can also cause cancer.

Thus, it appears that the organism will not deceive. And if you want to live a long life have permanently quit Smoking. Singapore scientists, by the way, asked the government to make a law on a complete prohibition on sale of electronic cigarettes to public discussion. And, most likely, they will withdraw from sale. After all packages with electronic counterparts no warning about the health risks incurred by the consumer.

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