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Samsung will release the Olympic version of the smartphone Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung is preparing a new version of the smartphone Galaxy S7 edge, its newest flagship, introduced in February of this year. The device will be made in honor of the upcoming Olympics to be held this summer in Rio de Janeiro the most famous city in Brazil.

Today “sports” the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge lit for rendering, so you can make sure the absolute lack of anything new in his appearance, with the exception of black and black (Yes, that’s right) case colors with the applied symbolism of the Olympic games and defined colour. These pictures show the phone is, admittedly, reminiscent of 100-dollar “citaiton, but it will cost several times more expensive.

From the point of view of the hardware specs of the new Olympic smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is no different from the original flagship, i.e. it is the same Quad HD handset with a curved display, solid body and other already well-known buns. The cost of the device will be known after its announcement but the corresponding date is not currently approved. We will remind that earlier the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge was introduced in the version issued in honor of Batman, the coolest superhero in the world, and the original Samsung Galaxy S7 with a flat display for a couple of weeks ago came in emergency housing and became known as the Samsung Galaxy S7 is Active. It has a camouflage coloring, men’s design and sold only in the network operator AT&T.

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