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SA MANPADS in the hands of the “moderate opposition” do not do weather

ПЗРК СА в руках "умеренной оппозиции" не делают погоды

How zealously they declared their readiness to support the Syrian “opposition” with weapons and accessories to it, the leaders of Saudi Arabia are unlikely somehow seriously affect the outcome of military action in Syria. The military potential of their country is not so great.This is the opinion of military expert Victor Murakhovsky.

The Saudi authorities declared their readiness to increase the supply of weapons to the Syrian “moderate opposition”. This was announced by adviser to the Minister of defence of the Kingdom Ahmed Asiri. However, Saudi Arabia hopes that this initiative will support other countries that contribute to the opponents of the ruling Syrian regime.

“If a decision will be made about qualitative change in the nature of the supplied weapons, we will discuss this with the countries that support the moderate Syrian opposition,” — said Asiri.

Recall that earlier this month, Saudi Arabia has expressed willingness to send ground troops into Syria under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Then this Declaration was met with hostility in Damascus. It said that if saudijska military are on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, it will be perceived as an invasion.

In a similar vein — i.e., sharply negative — the Syrian government reacted on the request of Riyadh’s intention to supply the Syrian “opposition” with weapons.

What weapons the Saudis will be able to pass into the hands of the “opposition”? How will this affect the fighting in Syria? With these questions, the editors AT “Kharkiv” is turned to military expert Viktor Murakhovsky.

“The last few months, Saudi Arabia is engaged in some weird self-PR and media against Syria. However, its own military successes at the front of opposition to international terrorism is quite small. Also, do not forget about the so-called southern front. In Yemen, the success of the AA is also highly questionable, they continue to take positions against the Houthis. However, despite all this, the financial capability of the SA – even in the face of falling oil prices is still quite large,” — says military expert.

Because you can be sure that, if you wish, Saudi Arabia can afford to sponsor the Syrian “moderate opposition”.

“For example, Saudi Arabia may send to Syria quite a lot of anti-tank missiles system “Tou”, that were once given to it by the USA. Already now we can see the evidence of the use saudijska “Tou” throughout Syria.

In addition, the Saudis are threatening to start supplying the “opposition” man-portable air defence systems. However, if this is done, it will be contrary to current U.S. policy, which is strictly against such deliveries. Yet, MANPADS fell into the hands of terrorists, threatening death to civilians – and not residents of middle Eastern countries, and citizens of the States themselves, and the countries of Western Europe,” Murakhovsky says.

However, even with all the financial capacity of the Saudis, hand-held anti-tank and anti-aircraft combat is the only thing they can really share with “moderate opposition”.

Thus, the financial potential of a country does not mean abundantly and modernity of its military arsenals. The Saudis just aren’t that many weapons that you would sacrifice the Syrian “opposition”.

“Of course, SA can not put associated with the groups in Iraq and Syria for some heavy weapons: armored vehicles, artillery, serious caliber, artillery rocket systems, etc. Even with the strengthening of its efforts in this direction, we have been talking only about ATGM and MANPADS. Such supplies any significant effect on the course and outcome of the current hostilities in Syria will have”, says Victor Murakhovsky.

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