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S-500 “Prometheus”, enough to reach space

Until the end of 2016 should be completed creation of experimental samples of the latest anti-aircraft missile system s-500 and to begin preliminary testing.

Brief note: s-500 “Prometheus”, 55Р6М “Triumphant-M” — Russian anti-aircraft missile complex (ZRK; in the terminology of the developer of anti — aircraft missile system), which is developed by JSC “Concern PVO “Almaz-Antey” as a new generation anti-aircraft missile systems, which is supposed to apply the principle of separation tasks destroy ballistic and aerodynamic targets.

The main task of the complex — the struggle with the combat equipment of ballistic missiles medium range: it is possible to intercept mrbm with a range of start до3500 km, and, if necessary, and ICBMs in the terminal phase of the trajectory and, within certain limits, in the middle part. From these means of destruction are to be provided cover the individual regions, big cities, industrial facilities and priority strategic objectives.

Also among the tasks of anti-aircraft complex are destroying hypersonic cruise missiles, aircraft and UAVs as a normal high-rise, and hypersonic missiles with a speed of 5 M and above (eng. waverider); the destruction of low-orbit satellites and space weapons launched from hypersonic aircraft, attack drones and hypersonic orbital platforms.

С-500: «Прометей», достающий до космоса

Concern PVO “Almaz-Antey” is working to create P-500 since 2010.

The basis of the detection system s-500 is a radar with an active phased antenna array operating in X-band, immune to stealth technology. Planned detection range целей850 kilometers, lesions of -600 km Deputy commander of VKS RF air defense, Lieutenant General Sergei Razygraev said earlier that s-500 can shoot down missiles in near space and thus becomes an element of strategic missile defense.

You have already created and successfully tested in 2014 a new the far missiles for s-500.

Well, one can only sympathize with the US – they have two reasons for headaches: the latest defense complex of the Russian Federation is better still close your sky and the “old” (C-300, C-400), analogues of which still don’t exist in the States to sell to your friends (and, accordingly, the enemies of the United States)…

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