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Russian woman, binding on the spokes at the wheel, surprised the British

Россиянка, вяжущая на спицах за рулем, удивила англичан

But the correspondents of the Daily Mail was wrong: the machine does not belong to the Siberian, and the inhabitant of the Perm edge

With a killer article called “Look, no hands! Amazing moment: a woman knitting while driving on a busy road” on the website of the popular UK publication caused a furor. Our colleagues from Foggy Albion he frankly admitted that he took the video from the network “Vkontakte”. In the frame – the young lady that really holds the steering wheel while driving and something knits. The driver that took this picture, I couldn’t resist from commenting.

– I have not yet seen: and on the pedal too tight, and knit – seamstress! mean the author of the video.

British journalists why-that decided that the video shot Novosibirske. Said that the speed of a miniature Smart car about 30 miles per hour (about 48 kilometers per hour). In General, added another story to the stories about Siberia and contributed to the review to our subscribers.

Is just awful: at this speed you can easily pull a loop – the user That commented ironically.

Is it right to take. Sooner or later you will hit your child, the mother, the wife, is concerned about other users.

Anyway, this video on YouTube has already gathered more than 569 thousand views. And by the way, the Russian users began to wonder: why is the lady so I could feel driving a Smart.

Features “Adaptive cruise” and “Control strip” included, and makes a handy, comfortable – suggested user febscr.

However, if how the girl managed this trick, we can only guess that the machine is not Novosibirsk, no doubt: the car is registered in Perm region. And the view ladies is clearly not filmed in the capital of Siberia.

By the way, the traffic police agree on one thing: no penalty for an impressive trip for the girl is not threatened.

– There’s no law against knitting while driving. Now, if it was about talking on the phone or if the girl was in a car accident, then Yes – she’d been punished, – have explained in traffic police in the Novosibirsk region.

In General, during the shooting nobody suffered: neither physically, nor financially.

The girl steers and knits

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