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Russia will respond to the extension of US sanctions

Россия ответит на продление санкций США

Russia reserves the right of retaliation in connection with the extension of anti-Russian U.S. sanctions. This is stated in the comments of the Department of information and press of MFA of Russia.

“It is regrettable that the US continues enthusiastically to play the sanctions against Russia than two years of trying to deflect responsibility for the coup in Ukraine, and now the deplorable consequences of the reign of their customers Kiev, – said in comments the Russian foreign Ministry. – It is clear that the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, which has stalled because of the unwillingness of Kiev to fulfill Minsk agreements, it does not help, but on Russian-American relations affects destructive way.”

On Smolensk square noted that the atmosphere of dialogue between Russia and the US depends a lot in world Affairs, in global and regional security. “Systematically undermining the framework of bilateral relations, the U.S. should be aware that by doing so undermine the possibility of interaction on key international problems, for assistance in the decision which they regularly turn to us,” said the Russian foreign Ministry.

“Washington should understand the futility of its sanctions policy and the danger of the whole course of confrontation with Russia, – it is noted in the commentary of the Russian foreign Ministry. On our part we reserve the right to retaliate, that we feel responsible to Russia’s interests”.

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