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Russia can leave the s-400 in Syria

Россия может оставить ЗРК С-400 в Сирии

Russia can leave anti-aircraft missile systems s-400 in Syria for some time, the head of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov. Earlier today it became known that at the airbase Hamim in Syria began preparing planes for flights in the Russian Federation. Technicians inspect the aircraft, and the personnel load the equipment, materiel and property.

“The aircraft will perform flights to the places of permanent dislocation on the territory of Russia air transports escorted by aircraft of the Military transport aviation”, — quotes RIA Novosti message of the Ministry of defense. Planned intermediate landing at aerodromes in the Russian Federation for refueling and inspection of the technical condition of the boards.

“Perhaps for a certain period of time will remain (ZRK With-400 – approx.ed.)”, – said Ozerov about the Russian anti-aircraft missile systems in Syria. He added: “When we see that the developments in Syria goes in that direction, as it is seen today the President, the General staff, Ministry of defence, when it will be seen that the political component will be moving forward successfully, and the Syrian army and police will be able to destroy the hotbeds of terrorism in Syria, then perhaps we think about the s-400”, reports INTERFAX.RU.

As wrote “NO”on Monday, President Vladimir Putin ordered on 15 March to start the withdrawal of the main part of the Russian military forces from Syria.

Meanwhile the Minister for foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, received by RIA Novosti, stated that the withdrawal of Russian aerospace forces (VKS) from Syria will increase the pressure on the regime of the President of the Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad.

“If the statements on the withdrawal of Russian forces materialize, it would increase pressure on the regime of President Assad in order, finally, to start in Geneva for serious talks about a peaceful political transition that will ensure the preservation of the Syrian state and the interests of all groups of the population”, — said the head of the German foreign Ministry.

According to Steinmeier, progress in the Syrian settlement made by the international community in recent weeks, it has become possible thanks to external pressure and involvement of regional players. The Minister noted that this breakthrough can become the basis for contacts in Geneva.

The White house found it difficult to predict the results of the withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria. Foreign media write that the statement of the President of Russia Vladimir on the withdrawal of Russian forces from Syria since 15 March, apparently, were caught off guard by the White house officials. According to the publication Politico , during the briefing, White house press Secretary Josh Ernest shied away from commenting on this topic. “Soon we’re going to gather all the necessary information on this issue”, — quotes the edition of words of one of the representatives of the administration.

Later, Vladimir Putin on the telephone informed President Barack Obama about the decision to withdraw the bulk of the air group of the RAA.

Note that the Bashar al-Assad, commenting on the actions of Moscow and thanked the Russian leader for his help in the fight against terrorism and for humanitarian support, writes TASS.

HQs operation against terrorists in Syria, Russia was launched on 30 September. Request to Putin has turned the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Air group is deployed on the basis Hamim near the city of Latakia. From October 7 fire support aircraft was provided by ships of the Caspian flotilla of the Navy.

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