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Russia and the world after the NATO summit

Россия и мир после саммита НАТО

07 2016 13 Roundtable on geopolitics. Participants: the former head of the Israeli secret services “Nativ” Yakov I. Kedmi, doctor of military Sciences K. V. Sivkov, a military historian B. V. Yulin. Moderator: member of the organizing Bureau of the UK M. A. Sorkin. Topic: “Russia and the world after the NATO summit”.

Россия и мир после саммита НАТО


1. The most significant events in the last month in the world?
2. The situation in Syria;
3. Transnational and national elites;
4. NATO on the borders of the Russian Federation;
5. Whether a major international conflict in the near future?

Vorposy viewers:

What processes will entail in NATO the UK?

Will the revolution in the US?

Can Russia today to effectively counter the military power of the NATO countries and the United States? What is the balance military balance of forces?

Possible military conflict between Russia and China,and if so,does Russia have a chance to win, what differences there are between Russia and China(the issue of the disputed territories)

What is China’s military potential? Whether Russia can fit for China in case of conflict with the United States?

What do the Communists in the event of a NATO attack on Russia?

You will go to NATO Finland and Sweden or all the current will remain neutral countries?

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