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Rice suggested disgruntled Ukrainians to go to Liberia

Rice suggested disgruntled Ukrainians to go to Liberia

the <small>Today, 06:13</small>

Райс предложила недовольным украинцам ехать в Либерию

Condoleezza rice today made my day! Many probably already heard that yesterday this pleasant in all respects former official of the Department of state deigned to come in the Vice-Kingdom of Ruin reading for lectures about the benefits of democracy to the local aborigines. She arrived at the invitation of some of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation on one day and not waste a single moment.

Here are a couple of quotes from her speech:

“Yes, indeed, your authorities will have to disappoint you, you will think “well they can’t do anything”, and they need something to do, but you can help build democracy in Ukraine”

“If you think you life is bad here – go to Liberia. Then you’ll be pleased that Ukrainians”

Last me generally killed, to be honest. That is, the black lady says to the unfortunate natives:

– Look, the Ukrainians. What do you complain that you are all bad, the power of thieves, corruption through the roof, killed the economy, drugs, crime flourishes, and even civil war in the East. We Americans, says the lady: – helped you, Ukrainians, to throw off cleto zlocinu Vlad. Then you have to feed nobody promised, twist yourself as you want.

In General, the performance of rice can be reduced to one phrase, the Internet meme that has become very popular in recent years in the Russian segment of the Internet. It sounds like this: “Ukraintsy, need to bear!”.

Well, if you hate wants to, he can bring down in Africa and pobachiti what it’s like to live there. By the way, if I’m not mistaken, the country of Liberia is also an American project, there are black immigrants from the United States. However the country of dreams to build and failed. Liberia is a poor African state, the third from the end in a world torn by civil conflict, with unemployment at 80%. Reminds nothing?

Now Ms. rice and the us government are trying to create the same “Liberia” by our side, and while they do it.

I’m not a prophet and don’t know what the outcome of all this halabuda with Ruins of “universal values”, but somehow I am sure that there will be more blood.

In General, endure, Ukrainians! The lady told…


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