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Researchers: dancing cherish your heart

Исследователи: танцы берегут ваше сердце

Neuroscientists have long said that dancing to your favorite music – one of the best ways to cope with stress, lift your mood and even relieve certain types of headache. Now to the supporters of “dancing” was joined by the researchers of the cardiovascular system, according to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Experts School of science and health University of Western Sydney (Western Sydney University’s School of Science and Health) examined data for more than 48 thousands of British citizens over the age of 40 years. Monitor led for 10 years. Taken into account the General condition, the risk of cardiovascular diseases and death from them, as well as physical activity. It turned out that the British engaged in the dance, got a lot of bonuses for your health!

We found that exercise on the dance floor seriously protect against cardiovascular disease, is pleased one of the authors of the study, Professor the University of Western Sydney Daphne Merom. – Those who like to dance and don’t deny yourself the pleasure, 49% (almost half) reduce the risk of mortality from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Moreover, the dances are even more effective than cardio walk, which is traditionally considered the best form of piznarski for training cardiovascular system, said the researchers (remember, this is the most walk at a quick pace, but so that there was no shortness of breath. – Ed .). The Amateur dancers a degree of protection to grow further by 21% compared to those who prefer walking, said Professor Merom.

Moreover, the type of dancing is not important – as long as they were quite intense. “The more you move, the bigger the payout for the cardiovascular system,” the authors explain. At the same time, benefit not only piznarski itself. Good music, chat with other people while dancing is also beneficial to the rest of the body.


Cardiologist: dancing prolong life

– Among the factors prolonging life – together with a healthy diet, sleep, regular medical examinations, etc., the most important role physical activity, – explained “KP” hereditary cardiologist, former chief doctor of the Kremlin hospital, writer and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov.

Dancing is a pretty serious aerobic exercise, which works your entire body. The usefulness is comparable, perhaps, only with swimming. So – dance to health!

Just keep in mind that we are not talking about those dances that happen after a bottle of vodka. Ideally, this should be a regular practice, preferably not less than 5 times a week for 40 minutes a day. Then you will not only protect your heart and blood vessels, but will fit, plastic, flexible.

By the way, when I am in France, I go to do the Boxing classes, and one of the best coaches in the boxers there is a former French champion in sport dancing.

– And what about discos in Nightclubs? Some go there to relieve stress on the weekends and dance all night until the morning. This is a useful exercise for the heart or bad load?

– If a person can dance all night, then most likely he’s using some kind of stimulant, in the best case, alcohol. It brings only harm. In General during exercise is very important regular. Even classes one or two times a week, but constantly and in the same time – it’s better than nothing. If you want to get real, tangible benefits, try to do every day.

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