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“Puppet” of the lake

The lake showed me a close friend and companion on fishing trips, Volodya L., in a lot of pokolesit on the maze left Bank of the floodplain of the Suras in the vicinity of the railway station, Nikonova. It was called the operational matters got seriously wounded; the locals called it short — Linevo.

Went to the place, sinking in swamps between the hills and forcing his way through bushes and bracken. Finally reached the shore of the lake. To estimate the total amount are unable, but, remember, perched between the hills, I threw the bait bait and soon I was lucky: pulled the bream on 300 grams, which is considerably improved mood.

To get acquainted in detail with the pond was only after the ice was solid to walk on. It turned out that it had a rather small size, were securely hidden from prying eyes the surrounding trees and bushes. And the more we visited, the more it resembled a cozy, hidden from all sides of the room in which it was convenient to accommodate the handful of people who have one desire and appreciate one quality — to spend at least a few hours alone, out of communication with and noisy crowds of strangers.

Then you can communicate with each other even in a low voice because silence reigning around. The pond had some kids, puppet scale. And we fell in love with this amazing, at first glance, the place, regularly visiting and patiently mastering his features.

Water balance in the lake is supported by two related streams: one flowing, the current from somewhere in the forest distances, and another arising in the Chapter and cut through to the level of the river steep Bank. Under because by a channel bottom step broke down to a greater depth. This is the place we chose to learn, sitting here on the whole day — an hour of sending in a return trip on the evening train. And was convinced that with proper patience, you could wait for the fish to bite a decent sized perch, small Krasnoperov or — at worst — a huge ruffs that destroyed their implausible dimensions. In other areas fish are being caught much worse. That’s why a handful of fishermen, sometimes came to the lake, having spent some time over the hole was filmed and went, to our joy, without breaking silence.

A newfound affection for the place reached, that we are often discussing where to go fishing, walked together to the lake operational matters got seriously wounded. The people we were stingy, the boxes of fish didn’t dream of being satisfied by the modest scale of catches. And remember, as late wife, dumped from the box on the table a handful of thawed prey, took out a knife or grater and resignedly set about cleaning the fish, and the next day I managed, by some one familiar recipe, boil a pot of extremely tasty and aromatic soup and serve up a plate, after which I wanted to ask another…

Operational matters got seriously wounded not far from there was located another large lake — the Swan, which was usually full of hundreds of fishermen who waited for the promised hour. biting capricious perch. He had us decidewhich from bad bite to beat thunder, put on your skis and race on operational matters got seriously wounded: and suddenly there you are lucky?.. But it was bestowed upon luck only patient and loving silence, hardy and do not love the hustle and bustle.

I am often overcome by the thought: what’s happening now? Civilization has penetrated into all pores of our life, and I would not be surprised, when I saw the coveted “puppet” lake multi-storey industrial buildings, a roar and a clang filled the serene silence…

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