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Beautiful places for outdoor recreation in the Tomsk region a lot. But, undoubtedly, one of the most visited places are the surroundings of the village of Kolarovo.

Seeing one of the kolarovsky picturesque landscape with heights Blue Cliff, our countryman, a famous Russian poet Mikhail Andreev, wrote a poem:
The meadows, the meadows — foggy surface
And slowly falling dew is such grace in the soul.
The meadows, the meadows — foggy surface
And something treasured lures and what — not to understand.

Composer Igor Matvienko wrote these poetic lines the music, and it’s a heartfelt song that takes the group “lube”.

And really, if you stop on the descent to the village of Kolarovo and have a splendid view of the picturesque view is breathtaking. Multi-colored rooftops, the snow-white temple with Golden domes and cupolas shining in the sun the crosses, the many Islands and backwaters of the river Tom. The lake, the smooth curve of going beyond spruce-cedar island. Truly Russian landscape. In a word, beautiful. But sadly we have to admit that one of the ingredients of this natural picture we irretrievably lost. It comes Kolarovsky the lake.

His gorgeous spring flooding. Affects the number of birds that stop here to rest during spring migration and the remaining for breeding. But inexorably going on a natural overgrowing and bogging of the lake, which already resulted in a decrease in depth due to the sediment. Telorez and other floating plants on the banks and shoals, remaining on the surface, rotting away. This deteriorated water quality. In summer the lake is overgrown eighty or ninety percent, of free water surface. And part of reservoir, adjacent to the village, overgrown with teloreza completely. Formed several floating Islands. Disappeared carp, but part of it is connected with the Rotana-with a tinder. The scale and badly overgrown especially noticeable in late summer and early autumn.

Over the past five years, the life of the village Kolarovo has changed significantly: there are many new buildings, is a memorial stone to the Cossacks, who first defended and reclaimed this territory. Created a protected area — natural monument of regional significance: the Kolarovsky wetland system. On the 70th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war of the renewed monument to the fallen villagers, published the Book of memory of the Saviour of the settlement.


In a television interview given on the occasion of the opening of the Kolarovsky of the wetland complex, ornithologist, associate Professor at TSU, S. S. Moskvitin talked a lot about diverse and rare bird species nesting on the Kolarovsky the lake. And then bitterly said that the lake is rapidly overgrown and waterlogged. And added dreamily: “I wish it would be to clean! But how to do it?” — as if to himself asked a respected scientist.

I admit, and I have this question bothering much since then, as I settled in Kolarovo. And then there was the acquaintance with the history of the Saviour podgorodnee mill. In one breath I read the manuscript “Memories of myself” by Innokentiy Nikiforovich Koneva, local historian-enthusiast, the indigenous inhabitant of the village of Kolarovo. Didn’t want Innokentiy Nikiforovich to recognize themselves and their countrymen “Ivanov, not remembering kinship”. Gathered a family tree of sorts described, and in parallel the history of the village of Kolarovo. I will quote from his manuscript: “the First Lodge appeared on the site of the village of Kolarovo in 1608. The whole valley was a swamp, and only a small rise, “the spindles”, the band-edge was walking along the shore of the river Istok, which stems from long taiga lakes. On it and put their squatting-semidugouts the first settlers. It happened at the expense of “Tony rich”, simply put — good fishing. The fish were so many that it was delivered as a tribute to Tomsk stockaded town. The lake was home to many wildfowl. Beyond the lake stretched the boundless taiga, rich with animals and furs. The first Tomsk Cossacks, cleared the path in the Kuznetsk region and reached zaimok, marveled in the abundance of fish and game”. Well after these words not to dream about the revival of “Tony rich” of previous years for local fishermen, tourists and all of them.

As I see it, the challenge of cleaning up the lake? I hope the experts will make adjustments to my suggestions. In connection with the establishment of the Kolarovsky of the wetland complex (CVBK) the lake was divided into two parts: first, a specially protected territory, and second, public wetlands, which are the remains of the long narrow lakes of the taiga, starting from the village of Kazanka river (Kazan Yurt). If there are any restrictions on cleaning the area KVBC, and cleaning of the lake, is not included in the protected zone. Her stocking of white Amur and silver carp, giving at the mercy of the fish eating aquatic vegetation in a protected area.

There are reasonable objections to the stocking of the lake — it is a floodplain and is connected to the channel of the river Tom. When ice jams in the area of Blue Rock lake could be inundated, as happened in 2010, when the Kolarovo went under the water, almost ten meters from the Savior’s Church. I think it’s no big tragedy; first, we have to rely on our emergency service, and secondly, in my memory, such floods have been only twice and, thirdly, even if some live in the lake valuable fish will leave its boundaries and drift away in the river Tom and on to the Ob is also our rivers. And on the shores of their our people live and fish our fishermen. The lake will serve as a kind of “liquor” to increase fish stocks. And the issue of these fish species in the lake can produce and again, God knows what attachments. Moreover, in the presence of (in the future) of its factory aquariculture.

The necessity of cleaning the lake increases every year: if you do not hold clean-up activities, beautiful location, what are the surroundings of the village of Kolarovo, and the village itself, will be near to rotten swamp and turn into a mosquito Paradise. Lake abandoned water birds, will sink into Oblivion, the root cause of the formation of the settlement.

In the Tomsk region there is a Federal program of cleaning and stocking of lakes and ponds. Already successfully cleaned several ponds, both artificial and natural origin. I think it is time to pay attention to the plight of the Kolarovsky lake and to include it in the list of reservoirs requiring cleaning.

Everyone with whom I spoke, agree with me in that lake for you, that must be returned to its original appearance and to rebuild fish wealth. This can be done in two stages, namely, primary mechanical purification of the lake and its subsequent stocking.

One stocking, without mechanical cleaning, it is meaningless. The amount of oxygen remaining in the water due to rotting algae, so small, especially in the winter under the ice that even the Rotana which is resistant to unfavourable habitat conditions, killed, and quite a lot of it emerges in the spring with snow at the coast. Now the springs in the lake to observe the feast of hooded crows and kites, eating fish kill.

Whether attractive the idea of cleaning and stocking the lake from the point of view of fishing tourism? No doubt. Along with monitoring the feathered inhabitants that come here on vacation will be able to catch grass carp, silver carp, carp… the Lake will be a place of family vacation, where the boys and, let’s be honest, men who are at heart still a boy, with glowing eyes will vyvazhivat fish weighing three or four kilograms.

More serious, in my opinion, is the problem of poaching. Now the lake is prohibited fishing nets, but nevertheless network put. To solve this problem there are only two ways: communication and, of course, the security question which can be successfully addressed through the establishment of the school of Blue Rock environmental patrol of school children and local fishermen. I am sure that they will respond to such a call.

Finishing article, I encourage everyone who cares about the fate of the Kolarovsky lake, to draw attention to his plight and to assist in introducing it into the regional program for clean water. And then the whole world, with God’s help, we will keep this beautiful piece of nature for us and our descendants.

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