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Качая железо

And so, for all those who did not comprehend my last call (All on ice!) and still not started skating, I throw a new challenge. By the way, is such a buzzword has become a Challenge. Why is it not mentioned in vain – against the terrorists of the dollar and the regular machinations of Erdogan… Preduprezdal at once – I have all peacefully…

This is how we live? Well, in one word? Certainly not guessed. We live in a civilized manner. Sometimes, even too…

And this the life we are destroying a wonderful mechanism, given to us as a reward – our body is controlled by brain. Take, for example, the body of a man. It is designed to run fifty miles a day, to do, half to eat and half to carry it to the house, fighting on the road from saber-toothed wolves, cave bears and other migrants from the neighbouring wood, rushed to take away the prey. Then, to fight for his woman, letting her compatriots, hoping that the man was dead (by the way, an echo of this can be seen in “the Odyssey” by Homer) and, of course, be a matter of evolution and to work on the continuation of the human race. Then a few hours of sleep and again in the woods, behind the next mammoth…

Yes, of course… But will we? What can we do in this life? We degenerate. Even in a column not long ago multiply. Needless to say…

The body wears out. But together with the body wears out the management body of this magnificent machine, the brain. Tell you a secret – we’ve regressed. Don’t believe? Spend a day reading articles in MP, and view the reports on the activities of the Duma and the government. It’s just a quiet horror….

By the way, once upon a time, in a small suburban town my gym teacher Kovalenko Leonid Semenovich told that is better will raise classes on skiing school gym class. Why? Because they need to bring to school, and then going back…

Yes, it is possible to try to solve Fermat’s last theorem, or playing chess. Brains like to work. But basic load – the load on the body is not working and the wheels of our mind spinning in circles. What absolutely leads? Well, look at Kasparov….

What’s Scary? Understand. But, tell you a secret, there is a solution….Look, repeat after me, memorize and do better than me. Unfortunately, the picture quality leaves much to be desired, but here was the photographer, Dania, nothing can be done, still young, only a senior Lieutenant, I hope, will learn….

Качая железо

By the way, he asked me to hang on the neck all the pancakes, which just had. But, why lie? Mammoth to fill up until I can’t. But here’s the catch, ready to try.

Качая железо

But the exercise that I really like. By the way, it in fitness training is recommended for women, usually with little weight burden. Understand why, Yes?

Качая железо

Pull so that you feel newborn!

Качая железо

Your favorite exercise – squats Strasser I was saving for the next project that has long been spinning in my head. And yet – classic


Качая железо


Качая железо

And the rise of the biceps

Качая железо


By the way, I show all of this not to boast, so they say, how handsome I am, and to show that it’s never to late to come to the gym. I will soon turn forty-eight years old, height 183 cm, weight 96 pounds and I feel great. And I desire you.

Get up and remember, your body and your brain is in your hands, like a pun as it sounds….

P. S.

But if in the evening to go to the rink, you will get an amazing effect – lamothe and pain in the body immediately disappear. Perhaps the body is included in the job, and only wonders why so little load and what I was doing before.

Work and you otdatsya. And in the end, as a free bonus two magic words that I first wrote to myself in a notebook in the eighty-seventh year. Since then, they are always with me and by using them, you can do anything. Even, overcome yourself!

Disziplin, Ordnung

Good luck in vytvorenia!

Качая железо


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