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Proposed effective destruction of asteroids

Предложена эффективная программа уничтожения астероидов

Astrophysics from the USA suggested that an effective way of dealing with potentially dangerous objects (Poo), in particular, asteroids in near-earth orbit. Devoted to the study of the Preprint, the authors published on the website arXiv.org.

Astrophysics invited to influence VET laser radiation. This would destroy the asteroid or deflect the trajectory of its flight from the intersection with the orbit of the Earth. The method works in the event of early detection VET.

The destruction of the asteroid proposes using laser ablation (the substance removed from the surface by evaporation or sublimation due to heating). The radiation on the asteroid, it is proposed to draw using arrays of lasers.

An array of lasers to the asteroid kindly requested to deliver using a standard booster, powered by liquid fuel, and transportation of the device to the VET — with the help of spacecraft, working on an ion engine. Aimed at the destruction or deviation of the trajectory of the asteroid type (99942) Apophis, in diameter up to 325 meters, may take 1-15 years. Scientists say that the American and European launch vehicle Atlas V 551, Ariane V, and Delta IV Heavy, and built the Falcon Heavy and the SLS (Space Launch System), to start the mission today.

Scientists proposed a project called DE-STARLITE is a modification of a program DE-STAR (Directed Energy System for Targeting of Asteroids and exploRation), which was previously supported by the Institute for advanced studies, NASA.

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