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PROKURATURA saved from the Kharkov nuclear ejection

Порокуратура спасла Харьков от ядерного выброса

The falsification of technical documents for electrical equipment for safety of a nuclear installation of the Kharkiv Prosecutor’s office on materials of security service of Ukraine began criminal proceedings. This is stated in the press service of the Kharkiv region.

As specified, in the event of failure of this equipment could occur in the nuclear fallout.

The head of the local Prosecutor’s office Evgeny Zhitsky said that it detected a fake report about the measurement and test electrical equipment for safety systems of a nuclear facility. It is noted that the project was implemented in Kharkiv on the basis of national scientific centres (NSC) under the agreement between NSC LTD and the foreign laboratory.

For the purpose of conducting comprehensive measurements and testing of electrical equipment the company acquired two business entities, who noted that all necessary work is performed, and the equipment meets the standards. However, as stated by the Zhitsky, “found that workers in firms not even entered the territory of the scientific centre for work”.

In addition, some electrical equipment, which according to the report, tests were conducted on the territory of NSC, actually was at the time on the calibration of Metrology.

“Thus, without conducting measurements and testing businesses contributed to report false information about the serviceability of the equipment”, — summed up the Zhitsky.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities intend to turn into a nuclear dump under the control of Kiev territories of the Luhansk region.

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