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Privatized ambulance

Приватизированная скорая помощь

The signed order to consider before the 10th of June, the issue of privatization of the ambulance and the establishment throughout the country of the respective service has two dimensions: current and conceptual.

With the current everything is clear: no money, need to save. When there is a choice — to save on the income of friends or to the electorate, even ridiculous to assume that such a choice generally is. Friends are sacred.

Creates a new market, wouldn’t be surprised if talented businessmen from among the younger generation of children of friends of Putin will wreck it for yourself. Moreover, here, as with toll roads or the same “Plato”, there is not the slightest risk — set a certain threshold, and the budget will cover the eventual losses if the Russians will not reach the control values. About the same function today toll roads — even if nobody will go to the owner of the budget will pay what he owed. Conceptual question too, in fact, understandable. The population for the item is not a decision but a challenge, a problem to be solved.

If a relatively young population, you can still use, older no special interests in sight. A resource is exhausted, it’s time to scrap. Hence the reduction of pensions, raising the retirement age, and now a paid ambulance. Strictly formally, there is a formidable indication that older ambulance is free, but the main thing here is to give the go-ahead. And on the ground somehow and decide. Why would the king bother and delve. In a pinch on a straight line survivor the old woman complains, the President will be the eyebrows and promise to investigate. And give the import a crutch with his master’s shoulder. What problem will be resolved before the next straight line. And there, staring, restless, and the old lady already…

In General, this intensity of hatred of the authorities towards their own people in the history of Russia still need to look for. But not to worry — the propaganda works, the image of a wise and good king shines in centuries, if not so — then this is the performers fault. With them and demand. Although with the demand as too not set.

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