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Poroshenko blamed the high U.S. officials including the Obama corruption

Порошенко обвинил высших чиновников США включая Обаму в коррупции

Petro Poroshenko has insulted Barack Obama and the state Department accused of corruption during his speech at the summit on nuclear disarmament.

It is well known that the regime of Poroshenko is now in an unenviable position. The government is fully discredited, the country itself is on the brink of disaster, and the worst thing for the current leadership – USA all less interested in the further development of his failed project in the country of thieves and plutocrats.

Infusion from the outside to the destroyed economy almost stopped, Ukraine has almost redeemed by anyone. Washington is no longer interested in disloyal doll’s house and at any moment can turn an unprofitable “colonial” activity. Therefore, Poroshenko was the only chance to save his neck from the loop in all possible ways to attract the attention of the international community, to generate buzz and to get back on the front pages of the world media.

The task is risky, especially considering the unstable psyche and the adequacy of the performers. But despite the risks, that’s why Mr. Poroshenko went to Washington for a summit on nuclear disarmament. Savvy and stimulated by Poroshenko arrived in Washington and the first day went wonderfully. Only catastrophic for themselves and their Ukrainian accomplices consequences.

During the first of his speech at the forum “Ukraine’s Struggle for freedom continues,” the Ukrainian President has managed to insult Barack Obama and accuse the U.S. State Department for criminal financial fraud. Peter was able to beat the world record – so “obhoditsya” just over an hour allotted time is not invisible in the history of international diplomacy.

It all started with small. In his plaintive speech, prepared by the Kiev propagandists, the President wove together nuclear safety worldwide,”afflicted” Nadezhda Savchenko, a civil war in Ukraine and even veiled, but not very, plaintive “give”.

Too cold public reaction to the usual whining beggars Ukrainian Poroshenko pushed to extreme measures and his own suicide. He accused Washington for their lack of participation in the destiny of long-suffering Ukraine. In particular, according to Ukrainian guarantor, it is time to resolve the issue of supply of lethal weapons of the armed forces. And the only thing that prevents the Senate to do it, is corruption at the highest levels of the U.S. government, including the Pentagon. That is, the Yankees do not send aid to Kiev just because some officials plunder Ukraine allocated for the budget.

Sounded insanely stupid, but at present has produced a bombshell. Journalists “WashingtonPost” reported that this emotional storm not seen for a very long time. The Yankees simply were confused. And the main hero of the occasion, realizing that she had crossed the line, decided not to stop there and scored the final nail in the coffin.

Peter A. said that the Obama administration is mired in corruption and it is the fault of the President. The white House waged war in Ukraine and now washes his hands. The world community should not ignore such violations of international law and crimes against humanity. Is Obama to blame for the sad state of Ukraine.

Shoot, Peter A. stiff-legged left the courtroom. Such demarche the White house was clearly not expecting. Yes, and Poroshenko is unlikely to fully understand what he said. In an attempt to regain popularity among foreign donors Poroshenko went on very thin ice and expected, failed under it.

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