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Poland: the main person in the state change, and anti-Russian attitude – no

Despite the fact that some NATO countries are strongly critical of placing in the Polish territory, additional military units because of the high cost of the event and the likely deterioration of relations with Russia, President Duda will insist on the necessity of this step at the July summit of the Alliance.

In order to increase the presence of NATO soldiers on its territory, Poland is ready to participate in the coalition of Western countries in the Syrian conflict, sending to the middle East some of its F-16 fighters “for the purposes of reconnaissance and training”.

Польша: главные лица в государстве меняются, а антироссийский гонор - нет

In an interview with Reuters Andrzej Duda entered correspondence dispute with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, responding to his words at the Munich security conference, that line of NATO against the Russian Federation “remains closed and unfriendly”, and that the world has slipped during the new cold war: “If you listen to the words of Mr. Medvedev about the cold war, then look to the actions of Russia, it becomes clear exactly who is seeking the cold war. If someone is taking aggressive military action against Ukraine and Syria, if someone increases its military presence near neighbouring countries… we have a definite answer who wants to start a new cold war. Definitely, this is not Poland and NATO”.

The impression that in Poland there is no need to hold elections: why throw away such expensive event money if individual changes in the upper echelons of power NOTHING CHANGES?

On the person double standards: accommodation on Polish territory U.S. missile defense, active participation in the Ukrainian coup, the requirement of increasing the number of NATO troops in Poland and the illegal participation of the Polish military in the Syrian conflict, the President of Duda does not consider the steps leading to the outbreak of a new “cold war”.

At the same time part of the Russian HQs in the fight against DAYS upon formal request by the Syrian leadership, Polish President calls nor another, as “aggressive military action against Syria”.

If such actions of the Polish side, the President does not consider the unfriendly steps against Russia that could spark the beginning of a new “cold war”, the head of the Polish state it would be better to change my name with Duda on Gwizdek (the Whistle): in the Kremlin then will precisely know that the Polish President “whistles” and will not be at his trills to pay serious attention

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