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Pocket PC ASUS PC Stick QM1 released in Russia

ASUS has introduced its new ultra-compact Stick PC PC QM1 in Russia. In its features it is a complete desktop start or even average, he’s just ten times more compact and if a standard unit system forever way, this computer easily fits in your pocket.

ASUS PC Stick QM1 works on Windows 10, besides the license, and really able to replace office system unit or a home PC used for web surfing, movies, and documents. Even the games on it will go, but certainly not the most modern, because it is not gaming “coffin” with a bunch of coolers. The tiny computer measures only 111 mm in length 10 mm in width weighs 40 grams and connects directly to a monitor or TV via HDMI, with the appropriate connector. Power is applied to it via microUSB, and on the case there are USB and microSD.

Inside ASUS PC Stick QM1 is a motherboard with 2 GB RAM and inbuilt storage capacity of 32 GB. There are hidden wireless modules Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 802.11 n, and at the same time and the Central processor Intel Atom Z3735F with four processing cores. Sale ASUS PC Stick QM1 start the 21st of this month exactly at the price of 11,000 rubles. It is necessary to take, unambiguously.

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