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On all trips I really like to communicate with local residents. For two reasons. First, people are very interested to know the country that came to investigate. They reflect centuries-old culture and traditions that surrounds them, much better monuments “prikazanih” for tourists. And secondly, they are better than the Internet or the guide will tell you about their customs and history, and then with pleasure will show amazing places hidden from tourists.

The Incas lived in the mountains, conquering the neighboring States, tilled the soil in his fertile region, worshiped nature and were friends with her. Knew how to build sturdy homes on the mountains and to benefit, not causing harm to nature. For example, they wore clothes made of wool Mikuni without killing these rare animals sostrig their wool they released those into the wild, gallop in the mountains and multiply. Communicating with nature, the Incas also drank various concoctions that allowed them to understand the world deeper and brighter to see what surrounds them. One such drink is brewed from a cactus called “huachuma” when the Spaniards came to save this traditional drink of the Incas renamed it “San Pedro” that it was legal in new Peru. Huachuma allows you to see the world more alive and beautiful, helps to answer important questions or to understand themselves. The locals say that with every drink reveals more and allows you to penetrate deeper into his own subconscious.

The Peruvians I have met in the valley just seemed like a bunch of goodness and wisdom. A fount of amazing knowledge about happiness. They showed me the mountains and the ruins, where there are few tourists and a lot of clean energy. Places in which the guides do not drive, Churches of different energies.


I met a girl artist living at the foot of the mountains. The house in which she lives and receives guests, restored and painted its Golden hands. This charming fairy gave me a national dish. There it is called “kui” — the animals they breed for food. In Russia they are called Guinea pig and play with them children Перуанцы the Most delicious meat in my life, by the way, I eat too thanks to the Peruvians, it was Alpaca steak: tender meat with a distinctive aroma and taste, which are nowhere else I’ve ever met.


On the last day my friend brought me to the Women’s temple of the moon. This temple looks like a cave whose opening located so that when the full moon light of the moon enters the cave and illuminates and energizes the Incas called her, Pachamama and honor her. To feel this force can be any day, because down in the cave, everyone notices her beneficial influence on themselves.

Biggest strength lies in the people who with great delight, in a mixture of all languages that only you know, and with the help of gesticulation share with you their knowledge and emotions, in people who love their country, that with delight for hours telling you about it.

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