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Personal assistant for 150 thousand

 Личный помощник за 150 тысяч

Now there is a position open in our Agency – Executive assistant for one senior brow. PPC, as we knocked down.

First invited one girl paid for her ticket to Moscow and back (she’s from another city) , the interview went well, no b-TB, flew to Dubai for fashion week (she’s a model, signed a contract, waved his hand – wait!)

Invited other researches have also passed all successfully, already seems to have breathed a sigh of relief – the job is closed, no, the next day she bought him to the position of Deputy Director for big money.

Like and offer a good salary and a challenging position (Executive assistant, this may not just bring-bring-don’t bother, it’s the right hand, and people on these posts very quickly grow in the professional plan)

And still, applicants then merge at the last moment, and even at all refuse.

So stating a fact – if in the labour market and the crisis reigns, we can say that he is concerned not all. In any case remain people who are “in demand” , and who feel equally well and while the cost of a barrel of oil for a hundred, and during the great depression.

Want, will announce how to become such a man? If they themselves and do not want to become such, children will train.

Firstly, you need a good education in a more or less decent University. Ideally, Moscow state University, MGIMO, Plehanova, but at least come and modest.

Secondly, you need a flawless story. 99% of people see work as only a small part of their lives. Late for appointments, hammer on the case, they do not put on the company and its destiny.

Of course, in some ways, these people and right when the job is only a small part of your life, you still have time for other the good things we have – family, relationships, entertainment. But your value on the labour market as an employee will be lowest, and you have to compete for the most unpretentious place with other locatio****Yami.

Thirdly, it is necessary to build a career. The most important thing to remember – your career and your life is just as valuable as a career and the lives of others. There are a huge number of people who score on their own ambitions with thoughts of “I wouldn’t say” .

These thoughts have to be chased away at once, to destroy them, because this is a disease that destroys all your undertakings.

Fight for the best places in the best companies, don’t be satisfied serednjachkov posts. If you can’t immediately get what you need – develop your best.

And then, and you will besiege employers, many tempting Goodies.

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