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People are angry at the leadership of his poverty

Народ злит руководство своей бедностью

For information about what the standard of living continues to decline, bossy circle meets deep bewilderment.

Real anti-crisis program of the authorities not only to “play” with the statistics and connect advocacy.

The income of ordinary Russians surely go down. If in General for 2015 real wage, embellished by official estimates, has decreased by 9.3%, in January—February of 2016 it was 3.1% lower than a year ago. And this despite the fact that the January—February 2015 themselves were a time of sharp decline in wages.

With regard to real disposable income per capita, calculated with the exception of the seasonal factor in February for the first time they were below 90% of the level of the average for 2013. The curve of this income goes down almost without interruption from October 2014. While maintaining the same rate of descent by the end of this year, the income may be only slightly above 80% from pre-crisis levels. I repeat that the statistics have been embellished, and the real picture is even more serious.

Information supplied by all categories of experts and researchers say about the distribution of mass in depressive moods, about alarming changes in the behavior of people in the consumer market and the General understanding is that the crisis will be long.

Appeared and the obvious signs that a new round of falling standards of living begin to notice even in the Kremlin. And that’s what they say to the people with the power of vertices: “Please continue to take the strictest measures to organizations that withhold wages, social benefits, — said Vladimir Putin at a meeting with employees of the Prosecutor General. And, of course, under special control must be the situation in enterprises that planned reductions in staff numbers”.

As you can see, the recipe is the head of state is only one, but very familiar: let the security forces will look after the tenants so that less people were fired.

Security officers, of course, is no stranger to look, it is their profession de foi. But in bad economic situations (and this is getting worse) you need to do just the opposite. Not to keep people on bankrupt enterprises, tightening and deepening the crisis, but rather to assist them in changing jobs, paying real benefits to those looking for her, to help to master the specialty, for which there is a demand to abolish all that hinders the workers to move from depressed settlements in successful.

The catch is that neither one of these tasks the security forces charged, they couldn’t have done. Well, their civilian officials our first face seriously does not accept.

And because it is right. One has only to listen to the social Vice-Premier Olga Golodets. Recently revealed that she too had heard about the problems his citizens: “we Have indicated a very sharp drop in income. Sharp and real wages, and General income.” Golodets not only knows this but also has a program of two points.

First, the forces of bureaucratic machinery to Tinker with, as she put it, “the wages system” in a market sector. It is understood that tweak to the poor. This thesis is in complete harmony with Putin’s idea to throw the security forces to fight the layoffs. And although Golodets recommends the plan to the tripartite Pact of bureaucracy, business and independent trade unions shmakovsky, but any sensible Prosecutor, who had already delve into a policy of hiring and firing at a private company, which will attach, otherwise you will clean and pay.

However, skeptics may want to remind the social Vice-Prime Minister that in her directly subordinate institutions of the public sector business with the fairness of payment is irrelevant, and even worse. For example, contrary to the legendary “the may decrees”, the salaries of doctors and teachers not only reached the average for the economy, but also increase the gap. In January 2016 wage in education was 80% of average earnings in manufacturing (the year before was 84%), and in medicine — 92% (was 93%). But failure on their own part of the responsibility is a great incentive to invade land.

This, among other things, leads to the second point of the program to combat poverty from Olga Golodets — cancel, finally, the cumulative component of the state pension system, already de facto frozen. And the freed-up money (including, apparently, the funds that were collected before the current freeze) to refer, finally, to the social unit without any ambiguities and reservations. There were even scientific argument: “let me Remind you that citizens of the Russian Federation in the storage system last year lost more than 200 billion rubles, and today we have not determined the source, when and who will reimburse the money”.

And then it turned out that it was better to do without arguments. Competing agencies who have their sights set on cumulative contributions (this is because the “long money”, which is divided between them in ward magnates), raised inferences Golodets laughter.

The Ministry denied the words that it allegedly already agreed to the final abolition of recopilaci. The Central Bank, breaking his usual silence, issued a statement: “the Data about losses from investment of pension savings in the amount of 200 billion rubles incorrect. By the end of 2014, citizens ‘ pension savings which are managed by SPC, received a total income of more than 60 billion rubles, which corresponds to an annual yield of 5.5%”. Representatives NPF, less bound by political correctness and more strongly affected, talking about “ordinary defamation” and “irresponsible policy” of the social block of the government.

The irresponsibility and ignorance really obvious. But it’s also obvious that the funded pension system in the form in which it exists, not promises of profits for future pensioners. Because the annual income value of 5.5% was much lower than inflation in the corresponding year. The impoverishment of all parts of the pension system — part of the rising wave of poverty.

However, this is a strategic issue. As for momentary Affairs, Mrs Golodets had hastily to retreat, paving the way through the crowd of journalists with the words: “Colleagues, I will refrain from comments”.

The attempt social unit to formulate ways of dealing with poverty turned into embarrassment literally the same day.

And only one person in the confusion managed to do something to raise the standard of living of the people. You will not believe it, but it was Dmitry Medvedev. It a few days ago a regulation lowered the value of the subsistence minimum 221 rubles After several cuts in a row this number now stands at 9452 10017 RUB against RUR in the second quarter of 2015. On the background of explicit rising cost of living in the real world, the actions of our Prime Minister is a serious contribution to the improvement of state poverty statistics. Or what is the same, in concealing its real proportions.

All of the above together is the reaction of our rulers to come down to them are rumors that people are not only impoverished, but also becomes aware of this fact. Angry verbiage. Idleness and desire to disguise the problem — here is today reaction.

Is it any wonder that it is? No.

The arguments that have to suffer for the sake of the sovereign of the Renaissance, had already set out the year before last. To repeat them now, replacing the word “temporarily” with the word “forever” is not very convenient. You will not understand. That wasn’t the deal. And other arguments, explaining to ordinary people the need for continuous tightening their belts, the boss is gone.

Long gone and his managerial skills, and even just concepts that could respond to the growing national problem of meaningful action. That is to be mad, to wonder, to manipulate statistics and to waste time, bored reciting spells

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