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Participant of the show “the Voice. Children”: I was forced to replace the song

Участник шоу "Голос. Дети": меня заставили заменить песню

Participant of the children’s “Voices” Danil Borisenko: Music producers were forced to sing a different song

How many and what years you need to work hard to get into “the Voice”? How not to go insane from the influx of fame when at the age of 13 you have your own fan club with thousands of followers? How to combine study with performances and competitions?

These and many other things on radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Volgograd said party of the third season of popular TV show “the Voice. Children” Danil Borisenko and his vocal coach Nina Tolmacheva. To support the young singer came dad and brother Kirill Borisenko.

Pots instead of drums

Who as parents remember the first musical success of his son.

When He still agukal, I shook it in her arms, lulling. All this took place to the accompaniment of my favorite band “Aria”, – says Andrey Borisenko. He began to echo those compositions, and in almost two years took the first steps in the world of music.

The first tools Daniel steel pans. Of them he constructed a drum set and recording under Valery Kipelov spoke to the family.

– In kindergarten Danya with his older brother participated in competitions, – enthusiastically recalls dad.

– Yes, we loved to play together, laughs Cyril. By the way, now he has his own musical group MOYYO. – We came up with the original numbers and always occupied prize-winning places.

Perhaps such a creative approach to education and encouraged Daniel. No one had any doubt: vocal that the child just will sing. So it happened. Now He admits that performing on stage before a huge audience – his dream since childhood.

“I fought with myself”

– The decision to participate in this TV show appeared on their own. From early childhood there was a desire to show their abilities throughout Russia. And in ten years, I had the opportunity to realize the dream with such a wonderful project, Daniel says seriously. – On the first season, has filed an application but failed to pass. In the second season he tried again, and after a lot of manipulation managed to pass on a qualifying audition. And on the third attempt I got to the “blind auditions”. This is the first serious stage in “the Voice. Children.” Mentors sit with their back. You have to sing, deploy their energy to hook them and go to the team. In these moments the heart beats very often.

And when I got up on stage, everything stood still. These were the strongest emotions.

– I tried to knock out all one hundred percent that could show Russia. I think with his job. The program “maximum” was precisely to overcome itself, says the young singer.

Supported participant teacher Nina Tolmacheva, which Daniel goes to success for three years.

– Any expert in this field, if Daniel came to him, would see its uniqueness immediately – says the teacher. Nina explained how working with the students. I sing of the child, evaluate auditory, vocal capabilities, watching his nature and potential. It so happens that the children are gifted, but creative growth them scarce. There are less gifted but they have the desire, will, they are willing to work. Daniel combines all.

To work with such a diverse student. He confronts the teacher with new challenges. And “The Voice. Children” ball the new top, which I decided to conquer.

There is no limit

– First, Daniel took the oath of eleven thousand people. To understand: the “blind auditions” were only one hundred and twenty – shocking Nina Tolmacheva. Indeed, competitors had plenty. Through careful selection and the work of a large team, the level of training of all participants was very high. – We went with the English material. We had a lot of songs. From about forty songs, 80% of European material. Daniel is well versed in music, he has a great taste.

And it so happened that the producers decided to replace the Beyonce song “Listen” with which Daniel came to the casting, and chose the track Andrei Grizzly “This music”. But despite this, Borisenko all rehearsed and performed brilliantly.

– Daniel for three years is only improving, says Nina Tolmacheva. – It is practically any song you can sing perfectly. Even more than adults, my students can’t do.

Unfortunately, there are pitfalls in any project. When something goes against – recognized party.

But this is no reason to worry. Immediately after participating in the “Voice” of the young singer from Volgograd rehabilitated at the contest “I sing” in Moscow. According to the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Volgograd”.

We managed to gather a laureate of the first degree, and lots of cool privileges. I was awarded the trip on “the Eurovision – 2016” to Bulgaria, but I can’t go.

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