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Panama stuffing

Panama stuffing: the Western media focused on Russia

The world’s media in case of leakage of documents Panamanian company Mossack Fontesa was aktsentiroval only focus on the episodes connected with Russia and is almost completely ignored everything related to the West.

Панамский вброс

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray in an interview with RT called one-sided lighting is natural. According to him, there was no mention of the Saudi princes, American officials and Ukrainian oligarchs.

“Threads from the International consortium of investigative journalism …and to stretch the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford and Soros…But instead we are told only that, in their opinion, we need to know,” notes Murray.

As mentioned earlier, “international consortium” was not quite “international”. In the sense that all sorts of different “stars” and politicians who convict “bad”, it featured. And it’s not just “friend of Putin”, but Poroshenko, for example, and Aliyev, and British officials. But about it speech did not.

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In General, a lot of people. But the bigger question is who isn’t there. And there was not a single U.S. official. According to Politonline, total absence of American elitarian leads to some reflection.

Especially in the context of the recent scandals involving Hillary Clinton and how she was “protected” by one of the Swiss banks from the IRS.

But as the authors of the investigation was sponsored by the entity, such as USAID, somehow not very convenient it would be to investigate the actions of those who actually pays. Hence the “great American silence.” By the way, that’s interesting, the “consortium” will tell whether sponsors on the head?

Because “investigation” to put it mildly, it came out raw. The authenticity of the documents is not installed, the source is “an anonymous and very close to accurate”.

Surprise here, in fact, nothing – drew Sullivan, the “author” of this “universal stuff” – last stand-up comedian, who received millions from the state Department.

There are known to all participants – the mercenaries (talking about information war, the term is justified) is very well known certain structures.

“Sullivan is a founding member of the Journalism Development Network. What exactly does this structure not clear formal website. However, it is known that this organization does not only regulate the activities WORLDWIDE, but also acts as a financial strip between the last and the U.S. government,” writes the investigative Roman Golovanov.

“Overall organization of the Journalism Development receives huge funds from USAID and the State Department,” he says, a multimillion-dollar publishing reports on the grants.

“As we see before us is a typical example of an organization-granted and its founder, tightly sitting on a financial needle of the state Department and USAID, and for the same reason, which is a tool of American foreign policy. It is noteworthy that the organization of Sullivan not only spend tax money of American taxpayers, but also direct financial flows to Russia”,- says the expert of the outcome of its investigation.

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