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Onishchenko accused the U.S. of spreading Zeke

The corresponding statement was made during an interview with Western journalists of the BBC, attempted to get a comment on Russia’s readiness to the rapid spread of a dangerous virus.

Онищенко обвинил США в распространении Зика

According to the former head of the Russian Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko, responsible for the spread of zika virus may be located near the borders of Russia military microbiological laboratory of the Armed forces of the United States of America. He recalled that in the area of location of the biological laboratory, located near the black sea coast of the Russian Federation, in 2012 recorded the facts of the occurrence in nature of a new subspecies of mosquito. Last ideal to carry a deadly virus, causing marked pathology in the ill born by Sicoy women children. The official Pentagon has yet to respond to the words of the former official of the Supervisory authority, fearing legitimate questions about recorded over the last ten years the cases of “unintentional” loss of tens of thousands of samples of deadly diseases Americans.

Accusing US in spreading Zeke, Onishchenko expressed fear that the infecting mosquitoes carriers of the disease virus is intentional. This may indicate an attempt to create terrifying biological weapons causing irreparable harm to the territory of a potential enemy, which the U.S. continues to call the Russian Federation. The location of the American lab in close proximity to the borders of the Russian Federation speaks about the high probability of carrying out research, not to advertise and, apparently, military operations on the spread of microbiological weapons. Zika virus can be the first step towards the creation of weapons of the latest generation, which excludes direct contact of the conflicting parties on the battlefield — operation to eliminate the enemy is purely one-sided technical.

Onishchenko stressed that “flammable mixture” of being near to Russia of American military microbiological laboratory and a new subspecies of mosquito that can carry deadly disease, clearly indicates a deliberate attempt of the intervention provided in the natural forces of nature the course of the epidemiological process. Discovered after 2012 mosquito species can be “intentionally contaminated”, that is created and infected with specific goals by the US military does try to present Russia in the eyes of Europeans and Americans as “aggressive and failed States-gas station carrying a deadly danger to all humanity”.

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