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On the development of Russia will allocate 5 billion rubles

На развитие российского ПО выделят 5 млрд рублей

The Ministry of communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation informs that the Russian Government has approved the Ministry’s proposed action to support the development and promotion of the Russian software (SW) for 2016 in the amount of 5 billion rubles.

This item was included in the approved today by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev an “action Plan of the Russian Government aimed at ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of the Russian Federation in 2016”. The plan contains structural measures to diversify the economy.

“This is a great example of a focused structural reforms, which positively affects the development of the technological sector, — said the head of the Ministry of communications of Russia Nikolay Nikiforov. Earlier, the Ministry has proposed various initiatives in this area, some of them have already been implemented, and now we have a consistent source of funding for key projects in the development of critical software. From January 1, operates the registry FOR the Russian, he actively filled, and I am sure that thanks to this decision, government contractors in prospect can save significant amounts of funds by purchasing them IN Russian, created with government support as it will cost less foreign”.

The event includes the selection and implementation of at least eight priority projects for the development or modification competitive, its localization and promotion in the foreign markets. The draft acts of the Government of the Russian Federation, determining the procedure for selection of projects and their funding, should be developed in March 2016.

The event will be financed from the revenue results in February 2016 auctions to obtain licenses for provision of communication services in the amount of up to 5 billion rubles in 2016 the volume of co-financing projects in 2016-2017 shall be not less than 6 billion rubles.

The result of the event should be to increase sales volume according to a selected priority projects and related services in the markets of foreign countries in the amount of at least $30 million in 2017 and $40 million in 2018, procurement savings FOR Federal budget in the amount of not less than 2 billion rubles in 2017 and 3 billion rubles in 2018, and funds of companies with state participation of not less than 2 billion rubles in 2017 and 3 billion rubles in 2018.

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