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On physical culture and sports harm of

О физической культуре и вреде спорта

О физической культуре и вреде спорта

The first time their disagreement with the state policy of the party and Government in the field of sports I, young and stupid, said back in 1979, save nature at a Komsomol meeting in its construction Institute. Then me nobody took seriously and to understand did not want. And thank God, and could and dissidents to write and from the University to expel! Already then it was clear to me that there is something really not what you need. Over the years, much has changed in our country, its politics and Economics, our psychology and attitudes, but the situation only worsened, and now this opinion is shared by many, but publications, speaking openly and comprehensively on this issue, I haven’t met. I’ll try to fill this gap as our own limited knowledge and abilities.

As in the late ‘ 70s, our country has now entered a period of stagnation developed, prolonged political and economic crisis with much fanfare and military victories, rastsenivaya almost equivalent in enhancing perceived prestige of our country on the world stage. For the sake of ephemeral momentary triumph at the next competition, there is little that adds real prestige of the country, spent huge sums on the construction of sports facilities, conducting endless Contests and games, content and prizes for athletes, many of whom have become millionaires and live outside Russia. All this against the background of international sanctions, comaudio budget and growing public discontent. No need to remind you what this did to the USSR.

The official propaganda is any medal won or a goal, as almost a national victory and the achievement of wise public policy, although it is clear that they are all safely forgotten exactly five minutes after this Grand accomplishment. But holes remain in the budget from sawn in preparation for the next sporting event a huge funds that could go to strengthening the real health of the whole nation, and not the vanities of fans-nationalists or sponsors-the oligarchs. In reality, the plebs, as in Ancient Rome, having received the piece of bread and circuses, drinking beer under the TV or in the stadiums, does not seek to follow the example of sports heroes, and discharged in street fights with other cattle.

I guess for a long time already for anybody not a secret it seems that professional sport has no relation to physical culture and health of the population, but rather is a devastating load for those who for the sake of athletic victories pushes his body past resources. The achievement of higher results in sports, except for checkers and chess, has long been impossible without the use of damaging to the body and mind stimulators, known as doping. Many athletes, ending a career and retired due to compromised health, quickly take to drink, become disabled, or die away, creating your life and leaving the daily loads and the use of supporting means, where the notorious terrible of Meldonium.

Particularly harmful these loads for the immature and immature children and teenagers. No wonder, have become more frequent in recent years, cases of sudden death or serious injury of young athletes during training and competitions, and even school teaching. Because the activity of each trainer is assessed now by the number of people employed on pedestals and not on the quality health of their residents. And how destructive such a race before due to mental health and self-esteem of most young who have not reached the top! How many broken hopes and destinies of young athletes losers have fallen victim to chasing the result, doomed for life to suffer from inferiority complex, unfulfilled ambitions and the unsatisfied ambition!

And now for the world Cup 2018 built huge stadiums that will be obsolete and dismantled after only a few matches. Is it possible to believe that provincial Saransk, Kaliningrad or even subsequently, there are tens of thousands of fans wanting to fill their tribunes for support of local teams, to put it mildly, not the all-star ball? A good example of such mad extravagance became sports facilities, transport and hotel infrastructure is Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana, virtually abandoned after the end of the 2014 winter Olympics. But how many people’s money ended up in the pockets of responsible officials and contractors after the grandiose and pretentious cut, making it the most expensive in history!

Enormous money are spent on training, promotion, wages and awards professional athletes, coaches and officials. Still fresh in the memory of the scandalous history with unsustainable foreign coach of our national football team, varnavskih RFU in irredeemable debts to oligarchs, or health insurance pair of players of Petersburg Zenith, once exhausted the whole Fund that will be used for all other residents. It is unclear why urban and regional governments sponsoring professional teams, providing them mad by Russian standards millions in salary. Their generosity in such matters, any reasonable person has raised suspicions of corruption and kickbacks.

Despite these costs, our athletes have not achieved significant and convincing wins in the team competition and individual success often depends on the availability of solid sponsors and experienced physicians, than of patriotism. It came to the point that our national teams are increasingly found naturalized blacks and Asians, whose victories are supposed to strengthen now our national spirit and pride of the great Russians, though they have their own talents. However Muddy Russian sports Ministry is much easier and more profitable to outbid foreigners and withdraw money abroad than to invest in training and development of their own athletes through the development of mass sports and physical culture of the population.

Almost forgotten children’s sports competitions in football and hockey. Left with TV and radio programs devoted to the morning and industrial gymnastics. In the minds of the population strongly driven stereotypes mindless consumption of fast food, beer and soda poisonous, leading to rampant obesity and physical degradation. Almost never encounter in clogged with cars and garages, backyards playgrounds for football, hockey, volleyball and basketball, or at least the simplest pull-up bars, are available free of charge throughout the year for everyone. They were replaced by expensive and not accessible to all fitness clubs and sponsored by local bandits basement of the rocking chair, where students and prepare them for young people. It is clear that the officials of the higher profit.

It is obvious to me that the situation is intolerable and requires some urgent and immediate measures to normalize it. You want to impose a long moratorium on any international race in Russia and the participation of its athletes in international competitions, including perhaps even the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Of course, commitments are necessary if they cannot be eliminated without serious financial costs and losses of invested funds, as 18 world championship, but all new contracts must be frozen. The organization of competitions of any level and profile, as well as and the participation of athletes and teams will be possible only with the help of commercial sponsors, but without any state support and local budgets.

Savings on maintenance of stadiums and professional athletes, can be used to develop and school yard physical education, construction and mass budget of playgrounds and outdoor gyms and pools free or available to everyone the cost of their use. For this you need to oblige the district administration and company management to allocate the necessary site, facilities, tools and equipment. The necessary ban on propaganda and mass teaching of combat sports, including wrestling and Boxing, carrying increased the trauma and threat to the lives of others. This applies to any extreme and technical sports, participation in which shall fully insure themselves willing to put your health at risk.

I believe that my proposed considerations again are not understood correctly by many, met with hostility and subjected to severe critical discussion, just as were received on my previous article, the notoriously polemical and even somewhat provocative. I’m not afraid of them, because everything is better blunt or indifferent silence of inactivity. It again is about our common future, our children and grandchildren, their life and health and, therefore future of the whole country. Only the promotion of physical culture, healthy lifestyle and nutrition, active participation of the state in the prevention of chronic diseases and eradicating bad habits, can revive the potential of the Russian nation, to improve the quality of life of the population and fighting capacity of the Russian army.

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