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On “Lada” Helsingin Sanomat in Russia: Irkutsk

На "Ладе" Helsingin Sanomat по России: Иркутск

Irkutsk is almost 600 thousand people — is the administrative center of the region and the pearl of the southern coast of lake Baikal. The city centre, with renovated old houses looks very nice. Just not enough people: night in the center’s no one around.

“The money runs out, and the prices only grow,” — said the mechanic Fyodor Ishchenko. Ukrainian surname he inherited from his ancestors, which at one time we were sent here.

Ishchenko works in the garage Avtodelo almost in the center of Irkutsk, and he has assumed the routine maintenance of “Lada”-Reeti. First and foremost, got rid of the old dampers that are already quite ceased to serve. They replaced REETA received four new gas shock absorber.

The bolts on which are mounted front shocks broke, they repaired and built up by welding. In Irkutsk for similar works, seem well suited regular glasses.

All the nuts are tight, and Reita finally got a suitable shock absorbers. Now the ride quality will be much better.

In the workshop we also had to do the oil change for the engine and transmission. In addition to the new oil filter, the car got a new fuel filter, since the path had to refuel and contaminated with gasoline.

It was also necessary to change the washer tank glass, because in the old got a hole. Was added to a liter of coolant and the brake fluid deciliter. Besides, it turned out that after the Vologda to add the oil until required.

Traditional rear-wheel drive “Lada” — a rarity for Irkutsk. Them almost can not be found in major Russian cities, but in the field — please. At the latitude of Irkutsk, this situation, however, begins to change. Cars from Japan are more popular than the domestic auto industry both in cities and in villages.

While the legislature allows the drivers of Japanese cars to drive cars with the right wheel.
“Next time I will take a Japanese car, — says Alexander Ivanov, who brought to the workshop his 19-year-old station wagon at one time with Reetou. — Car and parts for it are expensive, but the quality is worth paying for”.

Reetu Ivanov studied, however, curiously, when I told him that you want to sell a car in Vladivostok.

“The 2010 model, the engine and everything else is fine. How many miles? Yes, for it is necessary to ask for 150 thousand and to 120”.

My God, I paid for it 85 thousand, and this, in my opinion, was more than 30 thousand, at least if to talk by Moscow standards.

“Well, it was in Saint-Petersburg”, — says Ivanov.

Let’s see whether this deal is in my life the first when I will win.

After repairing REETA-“Lada” went to the nearest car wash, and the machine for the first time in three weeks was washed. At the same time cleaned the interior, which after the trip was in an inhuman condition. On top of that, the discs were wearing new caps: for the time of two of the cap flew off somewhere on the road.

In this question Russian have a reliable way: the cap is attached to the disk with two cable ties. So it will be reliable.

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