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Olya Polyakova stunned the audience with a new hair color

Оля Полякова ошарашила публику новым цветом волосUkrainian Superblondinka slightly changed the color of their hair.

Unexpected selfie Olya Polyakova’s Instagram created a furor. In the picture the singer is imprinted with a new hair color, from the mid-lengths to the tips they have acquired a pink hue. If this Olga is not only boasted of a “new” hairstyle, she appeared before the public without makeup, I can not afford all the celebrities.

Polyakov signed a new photo: “I’m a little flushed, like you?”. And then the review began a long discussion, because all subscribers are unable to come to a consensus and everyone tried to Express their. All the commentators are divided into three camps: some of them — marveled at the way Olga looks and even compared her to a Barbie doll, others took a neutral stance and noted that it is not so fast to decide and call the image of the singer a good or ridiculous, and others — expressed their categorical “Fi”, writing that at the age Olga was wrong to act like teenage girls.

As if there wasn’t, but the selfie Polyakova with pink hair in less than a day gathered more than 7 thousand likes, and the paint on her hair is most likely temporary and will wash off quickly, this is unlikely to be Olga decided on staining the paint counter.

Оля Полякова ошарашила публику новым цветом волос

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