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Olga Gorbachev spoke about the upcoming wedding

Ольга Горбачева рассказала о предстоящей свадьбеAccording to the singer, the celebration will be held next month.

Prepare for one of the most anticipated weddings is being actively pursued. Olga Gorbachev and Yuri Nikitin, who was once married and divorced, and also being the parents of two daughters, decided to marry again. The producer offered again the hand and heart of the singer back in 2013 but they were postponed several times already. As it turned out, planned the wedding ceremony of Nikitin and Gorbachev for 2014 was canceled due to what the situation in the country. Then, the lovers never got around to, once again, to think about the wedding, but recently she confessed that this year in the summer they just get married for the second time.

The wedding date the future spouses did not disclose to this day, but Gorbachev decided to lift the curtain and talked about the future wedding: “I Wanted to make you happy, my dear girl, and to have something like #dnevstrovsky, but so many cases, I never even write a post! It turns out that the cake he had ordered a week ago, or decorations to it not freeze, and #groom suddenly want the cake and role-play! Guests sit now, otherwise the calligrapher it is beautiful not to write, but I haven’t been invited yet! The groom’s suit to start sewing about three weeks ago, and the #bride has decided something, he would go in the old tuxedo, and just asked)) Artists and leading select for six months, and not to sit frenziedly watch #youtube finally, the application to the registry office to file for a month, and we filed it today! So, #holiday today!!!”.

Time the application was submitted today, it means that in July you will still be married Yuri Nikitin and Olga Gorbacheva, what their fans very happy.

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